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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jon752, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi a few weeks ago i got a letter which said i will be starting my phase 1 training at ATR Bassingbourn on the 2 March 2008. This may be a very long time but this gives me more time to raise my fitness. Anyway il get straight to the point. Does anybody know what it is like? (I mean bassingbourn not phase 1 :D ) Wiki just described it as a RAF base.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Watch 'Full Metal Jacket', it was filmed their!
  3. :D Wiki aint that bad =) Though anybody being there?
  4. I've been there twice, it's big.
  5. Ok i new it would turn to this haha. How big?
  6. Bigger than a breadbin. Smaller than France.

    Okay, erm. I went there a few months back to go to the Army Exhibition for Schools whilst working in the local careers office. It's pretty similar from what I saw to Winchester ATR, perhaps a bit bigger though. Apart from the fact I couldn't remember how to spell the place for my Satnav nothing much stood out about it. You've got the city of Cambridge quite near aswell, but I don't know what the rules regarding going out into town are at Bassingbourn are though.
  7. Shittest places ever. But it has to be done. You're only boost of morale is going to get a pie from the naffwa on a Sunday.
  8. there is a skii slope..........but you will never use it

    Theres a golf course too................but you wont use that.

    Theres a gliding club ............. nah not that either.

    There is a drill square ........... you might use that.

    To be fair i have seen worse places, it is a big old camp, fairly spaced out on the edge of the old airfield, Gym in an old hanger, tea shop naafi library, Tinternet and stuff.

    not sure how much access you will have to the facilities though.
  9. Ok thanks for the information. Guess i will find out what it's really like on the 2nd.

  10. It's okay mate.
    I havn't really got much basis for comparison since the only camp I've trained at is Lichfield. But it slightly better than Lichfield in my opinion. A good sized Naffi, Faily good accomadation. (Duvet's instead of the old origami beds at Lichfield).
    From my experience excellent training staff which I suppose goes without saying.
    The CBRN Chamber, and range are out on the airfield as opposed to actually inside the barrack fence itself. I would expect to have a good tab around the airfield morning and afternoon on your way to and from these places.
    Fairly small drill square, but in general an Okay place.
    However this is all irrelevant since I would imagine you'll be spending most of your time there in pain, nackered, sleeping or spaffing one out at God knows what time at night, when the bogs are empty.
    Good Luck anyway fella.
  11. alrite mate im at bassingbourn at the moment, and as it go'es its pretty good im at week 11, we go to brecon for our excercises theres, cambridge royston and stevenagae are alright to go out at at the weekends. its a real doss here i havent realy been taken out of my comfort zone yet.
  12. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As a member of the Ds here, this will be looked at with interest and advice given to training teams on how to stretch the 'comfort zones'.

    For the original enquirere. Bassingbourn is the home of The Memphis Belle, a famous second world war aircraft. You may have heard of World War 2, it was in all the papers.
    Facilities here are quite good, and there are plenty of things to occupy your mind and body.
    The camp has an airfield, and these are large, by definition. You will become very well acquainted with this airfield!
  13. Go gently on him OFaH or you'll get a note from his mum.
  14. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Hmmm. Wonder what his mum is like?

  15. Yes i know what The Memphis Belle is. It was named after one of the pilot's mum's. Also i did take History in school. But my history on WW2 is abit rusty. Also i don't read news papers much.

    Also about my mum :D She is married =) Though keep trying