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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tpr_trinny, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. hey all, well I'm off to do my cmsr again (got rtu'd with injury on the last one). Anyone else going on the 7th July and can anyone tell me a bit about Bassingbourn as I was at Winchester before.

  2. They filmed all the basic training scenes in 'Full Metal Jacket' at Bassingbourn.

    The oroginal WW2 documentary "Memphis Belle", about a 1000-bomber raid on the U-boat pens at Wilhelmshafen, was filmed aboard a flying fortress from Bassingbourn.
  3. Soldiers have been around Bassingbourne even longer than that though and prehistoric evidence has also been found, including a Neolithic axe and a Bronze Age rapier.

    Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of a settlement dating from about 300 BC which revealed the edge of an Iron Age settlement.

    Additionally they have also found pieces of pottery that so far date to about 400 BC, and the settlement may go back to the Roman period.

    Bassingbourn has a long and rich history, and another archaeological dig near Bury Yard suggested a late Saxon date for the founding of the village.

    Over the years there has been a number of Roman finds, such as coins, a statuette of the goddess Diana, and pieces of pottery.

    The current excavation is believed to have pushed back the history of Bassingbourn more than 1,000 years.

    This the sort of thing you were after?
  4. Hi Mate,
    Its much bigger than ATR Winchester, being an ex RAF base it has some big training areas actually on base all around the old airfield. in.The Gym is in a large old aircraft hanger hanger and used to have a huge triansium (not sure if still there) very modern and up to date training wing lecture theatres etc and the usual square. At least you wont spend ages in the back of a truck trying to get to a training area which is always a plus !!

    Some of the accommodation was pretty dire when i was last there (1996) with with some modern blocks, some really rubbish old one storey blocks and the original 1940/50's blocks. But not sure if any have been modernised since i was last there .Anyway, i think its one of the better ATR's you could end up in.
  5. E-Layer, thanks was very interesting I shall endeavour to take my mini archeology kit so in my spare time (about 30 secs per day i imagine) I can go out and have a bit of a dig!!

    Vor 033 - really helpful thanks, looking forward to the exercise now I know it's not going to be such an ordeal getting there and back!

    If anyone has been there recently and has any comments re the instructors (who to look out for!! ;-) ) or the food or bpfa route or any silly punishments I can look forward to then that will be great. I remember visiting the "fence" a few times at winchester and the many press-ups that followed the locker inspections so am thinking I'll prob be in for more of the same.
  6. I did my Recruits Course there last year. It's pretty flat, but watch your ankles on the exercise beyond the airfield and on the CFT. The DS are terribly helpful, and wake you with tea and a newspaper every morning around 0830. Just make sure you tell them which newspaper you read and how you take your tea as soon as you arrive. Oh, and take your fishing rod for the first night out, the lake is chock full of tench.
  7. The foods alright, but you get horror bags for lunch every day...which were a bit ick.

    The accommodation is ok...but take a kettle so you can have a brew,...

    and the bpfa route is round the airfield so its nice and out for the CFT is all I have to say....definitely not flat, and quite treacherous in the rain...

    Nice place. I'm glad I ended up there over Grantham anyway.

    And there is a particular ginger Sgt to watch out for.
  8. milsum i think u may b taking the p***! but thanks for the tips about the cft route.
    Def be taking a kettle with me, and a radio for the evenings.
    what were the instructors like on general discipline? Ive heard some people say they had very few kit inspections but when I was at Winchester we had them every day without fail.
    I take it that it's also become a non drinking establishment, not that I can remember having enough time to do anything except climb back into my pristine bed.
    By the way did u guys have to get up at stupid o'clock in the morning to iron all your sheets and pillowcases?
  9. I did my CMSR at Bassingbourn in April last year. Accomodation was fine and we were on a two can rule every night. It was pretty slack to be honest, as long as we were on the ball and the rooms were tidy we didnt get much of a hard time.
    We were all waiting for someone to come it one morning and start rifting us and inspecting our kit but it never happened. Not saying that this hasnt changed though as I believe that we were one of the first TA courses for a while!!
    Like it says above the CFT route has quite a few hills and the PFT route is around the airfield. We had quite a bit of time in the evening and some of the guys even went to use the gym in their time out
  10. I did my CMSR there in September last year and to be honest, it was a doss, there were hardly any room inspections, hardly any drill, and I seem to remember that we only did PT officially 4 times during my two weeks.

    It was a two drink rule when we were there but the bar was nothing special and the bowling alley was out of order but looked fun, from the other side of the "do not cross tape"

    The CFT was a giggle really, a little bit cross country up the one and only biggish hill and then meandering among the smaller hills To The_Vet:I don't remeber many I just have a bad memory?

    The accomidation blocks I stayed in and around me were okay really, I was in "Slim Company" area and the accomidation was pretty good for a camp that old.

    The food? Good as I remember but avoid the yellow custard thing...that's just nasty...

    The exercise was in Stanta so navigation is no issue, it's so flat you can see the next checkpoint from 3 miles away, ok a bit of a silly comment, but you get what I mean.

    Apart from that the instructors were good, (apart from mine and I think they've left the camp anyway.) The gym is fantastic and free and the shop is fairly well stocked, you'll have a great time.

    Have fun, take care and good luck

  11. Maybe they were feeling particularly mean when I did it there, I distinctly remember thinking..."...we've been up these four hills twice now..." It was the going down them that I was hideously muddy with huge puddles up to my knees in places (I am only 5ft though)...

    Enjoy it, and take care!
  12. thanks guys, I'm not as nervous now as I was when I went to Winchester, and from what I've heard from you all I'll have no worries.
  13. million words: It was indeed muddy, I was up to my knees in puddles and I'm near on 6ft! Seem to remember slipping over on a hill, slid down most of the slope on my behind, with the cpl shouting "Oi, did I tell you to take cover?!" Ahh all the fun at the fair :)
  14. Ha ha yes that sounds about right.....and a lot of "what the f*ck are you doing?!"
    " I'm going for a swim, you should come for a dip, the water's lovely!"

    He tried to yell at me, but he was smirking all the while he was doing it..
  15. I did my Basic Training at Bassingbourne as A Reg back in 98, That Chapel be haunted, avoid at all costs. other than that cant remember too much about it, I was in the Engineers Block near the Ski Slope, it was immaculate compared to the Infantry mob across from us. Have Fun