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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lil_inch, May 27, 2006.

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  1. Hiya, Im doing my CMSR in june at bassingbourn, has anyone done it there and knows about it. Because the advice and information will be really helpful. Thanks let me no asap.

    Inch x
  2. msr

    msr LE


    Get into the bar after your next drill night and ask this question there.

  3. Bassingbourne is an old RAF camp, it has one hanger, a ski slope and a lovely airfield to run around. If an estate agent was trying to sell it to you it would be described as "airy with development potential and uninterrupted views of the surrounding countryside"

    IE Its windy, overgrown and in the middle of nowhere. I haven't had the pleasure of a CMSR there but I did once do a TACFT on the airfield. there's lots of little tracks to tab around and some artificial hills. There an outdoor range of about 100m and ISTR there are the odd bushes and copses knocking around.

    If you really want to see the camp then get "Full Metel Jacket" out on DVD , the training bits were filmed there.

    Oh and don't worry about the ghost of the American Airman, I'm sure thats just a local legend
  4. The assault course from Full Metal Jacket was still there when I did my TA basic training there in 1987.

    My main memory was one of the training staff getting nicked for stealing stuff from the recruit's lockers.
  5. I was posted there in the MRS in the early 80's when it was Depot the Queen's Div. As RAMC it was not fun :(

    I hated doing the BFT around that bloody airfield and hated the CFT even more. There used to be a pub nearby called The Waggon & Horses. Now closed. Many a sore head and empty wallet due to that place.

    I was living above the MRS and can honestly say that it was the worst posting I ever had. :cry:

  6. The other thing I remember was our end-of-course pissup in that very establishment. There were strippers and a reasonably happy Royal Anglians sergeant.
  7. The staff there were fit to be certified. Provost SGT was arrested for shooting a car dealer. Story goes that the dealer basically sold him a dud motor and the Sgt took umbrage to being ripped off. :D

    Same Sgt used to take the SUS for a little jog with bergens around the airfield. Said SUS were wearing coveralls inscribed SUS in large letters on the back. Funny not many breeches of discipline there :? :?

    Geordie RSM charged me twice in a week for not having hair of a regulation lenght. I had a number 1 cut at the time...........

  8. It isnt a nice place at all. Done my regs basic training there in 93, and was also there with mpgs for a year s******!! As someone said previously a lot of the permanent staff seem to get into the shit there! I recall there was a bird selling herself basically for sex there. A MT driver was arrested for threatning a recruit with a kinfe. A PTI full screw went on the run after beating the crap out of his missus and took a duty car without anyones consent. Everyon seems to be a bit loopy there!!
  9. I can see Lil_inch bursting with enthusiasm after reading this thread! :lol:
  10. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Im mosre scared now than i was before!! It's going to be a nightmare!!
  11. Did basic there in 96. Oribble little place.

    The 2 only good things about it was;

    1. Pass off

    2. I had measles after week five and suddenly pretty much all the camp had it. HO HO HO
  12. So, it 's a run of the mill training camp then, cheer up lil inch, it could be Deepcut!
  13. I did my TA CMSR there a few weeks ago. PM me with any specific questions, but it wasn't anything like as bad as some people in this thread seem to be making out. I've certainly met a lot of people who had a far harder time on their TA CMSR courses.
  14. Hi Mate, I did my basic at Bassingbourn and it was great. Just turn up with the kit they tell you to have, be on time, get a basic haircut before you arrive (you will get another one but it shows willing - no skinheads!!). You will need a little cash for bits and pieces but you should be able to get by alright without hyaving a huge wedge. Being a bit fit before you arrive is good, but don't worry everything is taken in staghes these days. Be polite to your platoon staff 9you only get one chance to make a first impression!). Don't get singled out as being too lippy, too clever, too quiet or too stupid. just be the grey man and keep your head down. Before you know it it will all be a thing in the past.
  15. Seeing as the film was made in 1987 then that's quite feasible.