ATR bassingbourn

Discussion in 'REME' started by Tomas123, May 1, 2012.

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  1. Anybody else going to bassingbourn for basic on the 08/10/12?
  2. Which trade are you going for? I am going joining as an Aircraft Tech on the 8th October, however my AFCO hasn't been confirmed whether ill be going to Bassingbourn or Winchester as Winchester is being turned to an ATR.
  3. Im going for electronics technician, i think im the same with the bassingbourn and winchester thing should find out soon hopefully
  4. Good luck lads, enjoy it for what it is. Steer clear of the BHG though
  5. Got a briefing on Friday about accepting the job offer so hopefully should know by then...
    & Cheers Robbo, looking forward to it actually, waited long enough.
  6. I am doing basic there on the 8th. Doing avionics.
  7. Got my soldier number today along with accepting the job offer, turns out ill be going to Pirbright instead
  8. Enjoy your time there lads - have a watch of full metal jacket and see if you recognise anything when you get there!
  9. bassingbourn is closing down apparently im off to winchester
  10. What goes on/went on at Bassingbourne now?

    Back in the late '80s it was some sort of Infantry training unit (can't remember exactly).
    Us Plant ops did a lot of our A1 training courses there extending the lake.

    Parts of "Full metal jacket" filmed there too in the mid '80s.
  11. I was there the other day. I think they do trials there for trainers and crutches because everyone seemed to be sporting a set; well, everyone under 20.
  12. Queens Div used to train there up untill about 2002. RE & R Sigs used to be the other adult entry capbadges trained there.