ATR Bassingbourn 30/10/2011

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by benjie22, May 26, 2011.

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  1. Hey there! Are there any new sapper recruits going to ATR Bassingbourn on the 30th october :)?
  2. a few i would imagine benjie.
  3. I am tenbarstewardletters
  4. What trade you going for benjie?
  5. You going too? Or bit of sarcasm there :D? erm I’m going as a elecy! So plenty of times to get electrocuted :D
  6. Yes mate I'm going fitter general it's just that you have to post over ten letters as a rule
  7. ah wicked mate! my mates going in on 30th october too as a fitter! Ah thats fair enough :p ive only just started looking around on the forum lately :)
  8. Yeah mate I was brickin it but now looking forward to it just trying to keep the fitness up . Where u from?
  9. i cant wait! i was meant to be going in january, but they bought it forward :) yeah same pal, trying to be careful and not pick any injuries up too! from leicester mate you?
  10. From high Wycombe fucking took ages for the dates to come out I was sitting with an A from pirbright adsc thinking I was never gonna get in.tired as fuck of being in a shitty job mate how old are you?
  11. Hello, little peeps, have your Balls dropped yet?

    Treats in store, for you, there are!

    Beware of naughty men with large helmets, advantage could be taken with no payments made.

    Aargh, Ugh, Oh, Pay and Paybook correct, Sir!
  12. Haha thanks for the advise arters :p I got an A too at lichfield asdc couple of weeks ago then got my dates the week after :) and same can't wait to leave my job! I'm 19 mate you?
  13. Not shy of being taken advantage fact I like the larger gruff type...As long a I get a reacharound of course.I'm 22
  14. sweet man :)
  15. You'll be in Chatham for a very long time as a sparky!
    Is it true they no longer have to have the standard issue haircut at bassingbourn anymore? Rumour has it, one lad complained it was against his civil rights and they agreed to let him just shorten his hair!