arlite lad's, just though id give a quick update of my progress. i am just about to start my 4th week at ATR(B) ******* quality done a 7 mile endurance run 2day was good. been told by my section commander i am up 4 junior lance corporal, if i keep showing good leadership skills.

all the rumours are true scoff here is shite. civvi ******* chefs are shit lol.its good here. at NAAFI ATM, watching rugby do get some free time :p i am off to france on monday to go to battle of somne.

My mate was a Junior rank, you're just the Cpls bitch lmao he said he felt better w/o it, that's cause he sucked though :p Glad you're having fun and avoid that chinese brothel
im not getting it any more lol.... im on platton commanders warning 4 bullying the females in our section... BULL SHIT I JUST TOLD THEM 2 STOP BEING LAZY BITCHES AND DO SOME BLOCK JOBS AND 2 STOP SLOWING US UP GRRR

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