ATR, ATC Forums instead of topics?


Wouldn't it make more sense making a forum for each ATR / ATC
instead of just having a topic for them?
I do think it would be alot easyier for people in the future using arrse.
But then again, i could just be talking complete sh1te :)
but i wouldn't know what mod to speak too.


Each ATR has its own thread which is stickied along with the most frequent topics.

As for searching the forum you lot only search the first page then post a new topic anyway :p

The Mods are listed at the top (see you didnt search properly).

As new topics come up if they have the right interest and prove popular the get moved to stickies, such as the parents and the girls thread.


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I think it would also make more sense, that way we dont need to read a whole thread to find people going to a certain ATR.

Edited to add: or search, thanks to Disco for enlightening me :p


The idea is you read the thread as the questions remain the same avoiding your shiny new post getting a "read the stickies" reply followed by a swift lock.

As for basic dates do a search. Using the advanced function I select the joining up forum, I put in your ATR and date resulting in 3 hits back.

Read from the 1st post to look up questions and answers, read from the last post to see peoples basic start date calls.

Its not that hard. :)


i've done that awhile ago, found afew people :D
one has had his date changed for next month
mods, i knew that i PM one mod, didn't help much.
i think i may off explained it wrong, as in for example

Forum, for reasoning, Joining up or the Naffi Bar.. could do one like, ATR Bassingbourn, ATC Pirbright?
Does that make more sense?

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