Discussion in 'RLC' started by ub2008, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. I searched the forums but couldnt find a specific thread on Ammunition Technical Officers, only Ammunition Technicians. I have several questions, one being when in your career would you do the ATO course? If you volunteer for the course, is it likely that youll get on it? Ive heard that some not so good senior captains use the ATO course as a means of getting promotion to major, is there any truth in that? I think thats it for now on the question front, I gather its quite a specialised role and many serving army officers (including RLC) that Ive spoken to dont seem to know much about the ATO world.
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    You couldn't find a specific thread on AT/ ATO's?

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  3. ub2008 - you have been misinformed. You do the course as a Lt/ Jnr Capt, so would be v hard to do the course as a Snr capt in order to get promoted.

    If you are any good, pass the various assessments, are recommended by your CO and want to, you might get on the course.

    It is quite specialized, PM me if you want to know more - are you serving?
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  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    .....and I quote from ub2008 - Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:31 pm on the Joining as TA Officer while at University

    "Well done in not joining the UOTC- tbh lot of them are poorly trained and have a sh*te attitude, and as a student in the TA I can thoroughly recommend it. Im a soldier, and intend to stick to the soldier thing until I leave uni, and hopefully go regular."

    So no need to worry about the ATO course yet.
  7. Numbnuts I was asking about ATOs, not ATs. Read my sodding post properly. ATOs have a somewhat different career path to ATs as they are commissioned and do not join the army directly as an ATO, rather they commission into the RLC. That is why I was asking those questions.
  8. UB40 would seem more appropriate as a login methinks.
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  10. UB, I'm a serving ATO with 11 EOD Regt RLC, if you are currently a regular commissioned junior officer in the RLC and have any serious questions about the course or the potential career paths, PM me. If you just want to know what we do, then there are plenty of other threads discussing it. It is not accelerated promotion to Major, however if you are a non-grad DE with several years until sub-capt, it may allow you to get acting capt early.
  11. UB
    If you want a balanced idea of what ATOs do and how you get to that stage PM me and we can chat.
  12. I seem to recall that all the RLC long courses (Office Type) make you eligible for acting rank promotion earlier than you would at RD. In fact, if the punters up in Glasgow decide that they need an Officer earlier in an acting rank appointment then they can also make that happen. It must be true as a bloke in the mess told me!
  13. Only if you complete the course and are posted into a PID that is established for a rank higher than your substantive rank at the time. Eg a non-grad 2Lt might do 2 years in 1st posting, be selected for the ATO cse (12 months duration) and on completion would be around his 3 year point and posted to a Capt's slot in 11 Regt. He would get A/Capt until his 5yr point when he would get sub-capt. However a graduate 2Lt/Lt would complete his 1st posting and be selected for the ATO cse, but would prob promote to Capt whilst on the course, after 2.5 years with seniority.

    Other variations are also possible, it all depends on what PID you are in, and if there is the possibility of Substitution Pay and Acting rank for doing someone else's job.
  14. All ATO jobs are Capt rank. The course is 18 months long and prior entry requirements are that you have completed JOTAC, OLSC and a few other courses. The jobs available do differ and depend on where you get posted to. Either 11 EOD Regt, 6 Supply or 9 Supply. Within 11 Regt the jobs can differ hugely.
    Most jobs are orientated around the Tp Comd position but depending on manning levels only in the suply jobs will you get posted in as a Sqn 2IC.
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