ATOS Seems Audit and Judge have double whammied them

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. "Atos have been left reeling after two severe blows to their survival as providers of medical assessments in the course of a week. First, a government audit has found that their work capability assessments are so poor that not only must all their current health professionals undergo retraining but also new providers are to be brought in to break up the Atos monopoly by next summer.

    Second, an upper tribunal judge has ruled that the opinion of a physiotherapist – on whom Atos are heavily reliant both for carrying out WCAs and even more so for PIP medicals - is of no value if the claimant has a mental health condition. The ramifications of this decision could be huge.

    Meanwhile, GPs in South Wales have been told by their local governing body to always refuse to provide letters for claimants in connection with benefits claims as it is ‘an abuse of the national health service’. Only requests by the DWP will be met in future.

    Elsewhere, rumours that the software for universal credit has had to be scrapped and started afresh continue to grow. It is looking more and more likely that there will be no genuine rollout of universal credit before the next general election."

    How much are the welfare austerity measures costing I wonder ?

    On the other hand the benefits claiming mess may be making UK less attractive to immigrants.
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  2. ATOS won't give a shite.

    Government rewards failure so they will get paid either way.
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  3. Nail meets head.

    Wanna take a bet how many Ministers and high end panjandrums have lucrative post Westminster and Whitehall directorships lined up with ATOS?
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  4. Knowing how DWP senior management DON'T work I'm not surprised that UC is struggling. Which is a damn shame as the current system is too complex and too long winded. If someone is unempoyed they are going to need to claim at least 3 benefits. So why 3 seperate forms all asking the same questions 3 times ?
  5. No shit?
  6. Atos to lose monopoly after 'flawed and unacceptable' disability benefit assessments

    "A spokeswoman for Atos said: “Our priority is the quality of our work and, [only] following the recent audit, we quickly [hastily]put in place a plan [finally] to improve the quality of [flawed] written reports [as a priority, just a bit late].” It's a great game once you get the hang of it.

    "More than 40 per cent of the reports carried out on disability benefit claimants by the back-to-work assessor Atos are flawed and unacceptable, according to an audit commissioned by the Government". ..."“This is a direct consequence of three years of appalling contract management by Iain Duncan Smith.” (Liam Byrne, shadow Work and Pensions Secretary). Course, I always stuck up for Atos :thumleft:
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  7. Genuine question?

    How can a person be awarded DLA for the foreseeable future, then 2 weeks later be called in by ATOS and declared fit for work?

    Then told by the ATOS people it will not effect the persons DLA?
  8. So what is new??

    Most, this side of La Manche, have been expecting this cluster**** for a number of years. Even though they are a "French" company (needless to say I hate the organization with a passion) they are another example of a company expanding into areas that are alien to them. It surprises many of us that it has taken your government so long to realize their "medical staff" were not competent to carry out the service to the required standards. - mostly third world people that have trouble understanding basic English!! Some are not even qualified to practice in the EU!!! Why do you think the "healthcare" division is not allowed to operate here??????

    Simple answer they are a bunch of "putain de chattes" who cannot be trusted to push a pram let alone be given a contract to perform medical examinations.
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  9. I think DLA indicates you have a disability, not that you cannot work. The two have a big crossover, but one does not equal the other.
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  10. Sorry Double post..
  11. We in the UK are well aware of ATOS.Look via the search function on this site for example!
  12. What grips my shit is that the majority of the British public including many Arrsers thought that ATOS was the best thing since sliced bread ...... because Iain Duncan Smith told the nation that it was.

    It soon appeared inevitable to me that this Mickey mouse bunch of sub human animals were doomed as they were breaking the Hippocratic Oath left right and centre for financial gain by failing almost every patient by default, rapeing the public purse and costing the nation a fortune in appeal tribunals, whilst forcing many genuine patients into poverty so IDS could save a few quid for the Nation.

    ATOS also chose NOT to recognize the Military Covenant and stripped many a wounded veteran of their War pension and other entitlements after bravely serving their country on the field of battle.....

    Thank **** the upper tribunal judges have now seen the light, and not before time.
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  13. Or even more attractive by way of immigrants taking full advantage of the now caotic welfare clustra**** that Mr. "I know it all" Duncan Smith has now created.

    The first wave of immigrants to hit our shores in January 2014 will almost certainly be the undesirable criminal mafia element of Eastern Europe who are shit hot at circumnavigating the rule book.
  14. I imagine they have a wonderful contract meaning we are unable to get rid of them unless they receive a very handsome payout?
  15. "The economy was in a mess, people didn't want to work". So why were there no concerted measures to integrate disabled people in to the working economy, in a country that can't deal with disability issues? A disabled person is a "spacker", "different" , a "risk" and a "stranger" to nearly all recruiting shops. A foreigner works on the cheap and can't be discriminated against, while we have lefty fcukwits shouting about racism. Returning to work is a great idea and beneficial to less able people , in so many ways, integration, self-esteem, self-sufficiency. It's just the whole implementation was bollocks. Fine, return people to work and make work pay, thing is though where are the jobs and the empathies for the disabled? If anyone doubts that, walk in to any High Street recruiting shop and ask them what they have for disabled people, good luck with that.

    Most can't even manage to read the Disability Discrimination Act, or put in place a few measures to keep people in their jobs. Bet your life the buggers know more about racism and PC crap than the DDA, it's too much effort and cost for them to shell out. Not all employers can honestly say they welcome disabled people, preferring them to go through humiliating courses, work assessments and unpaid voluntary positions for weeks on end. The attitudes and prejudices towards the disabled in this country is shameful.

    No doubt Atos are on the run, cue red faces, and staff retraining. Now, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced that new providers will be appointed to carry out the controversial Work Capability Assessment (WCA) after it found that reports compiled by Atos Healthcare were unacceptable. Mixing business models with medical and disability issues was never going to work. Somebody seriously under-estimated disability action groups, but they still have a long way to go.
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