ATOS Head Honcho in £280k Annum pay rise

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Taking his remuneration package to £2,329,250.

    This is going to rankle with some.....

    Fury as boss of Atos gets £280k pay rise while thousands of Scots are plunged into poverty by their benefits assessment tests - Daily Record

    Any particular reason this contract was awarded to a French firm? What on earth do they do that can be worth that much?

    Any feckwit can corrupt a system to inflate results and improve (perhaps massively) bonus opportunities. Look at the banking sector for masters of the art.

    We all know what a shower of shite G4S were in delivering value.

    How can we be sure this firm is delivering value to the taxpayer when their own employees say they are corrupting the figures?

    This is some serious wonga the taxpayer is handing over and I it needs to be bloody earned.

    I have no axe to grind I don't draw DLA and touch wood I hope I never have too. But something stinks here!!
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  2. At the same time as ATOS is finding thousands of ex-servicemen and women fit for work. The RBL has had a 72% increase in the number of people asking for help in appealing their decisions
  3. It doesn't follow that this 72% increase is due to ATOS getting it wrong, just that they have been found sufficiently well to work and aren't happy about it.
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  4. That might follow if the British Legion were some wooly minded 'lovey' type organisation that automatically believes every ex-squaddie who approaches them, but they aren't.
  5. I like to see people doing a good job and being rewarded for it.
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  6. Read "Greedy French capitalist Chief Exec lines his pockets from UK Government contract". “It is high time the Tory Minister for Atos, Mark Hoban, got a grip and fundamentally reformed the assessment so it helps those who can work, not hounds those who can’t.” (Tom Greatrex, Labour MP). He's Labour, but he's not wrong is he.

    Anything from Hoban, or the ruling Party yet? This comes just after disability groups pointed out ATOS reneging on promises they made to win their contracts; ‘Serious concerns’ over Atos PIP contract promises Still, with all the Gas bills and ATOS profits, it's nice to think we're boosting the French Economy aint it.
  7. Thank you - it's a thankless task but I do my best
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  8. It still doesn't follow that they are too unwell to work, just that they are using the tools provided to appeal.
  9. How is the memory foam testing working out?
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  10. If they are failing to deliver the contract sack them, the problem is (as with most government contracts) that they probably aren't. It's not ATOS at fault, it's poorly written government contracts.
  11. Doesn't it?

    If they did not have a case then the tools provided would smile benignly and politely inform the ex-servicman that they (the tools provided) wouldn't be acting as advocates in their instance.
  12. 37% of appeals ending in decisions overturned does not sound like competency personified.
  13. You do realise ATOS will be working to guidelines set up by govt. ?
  14. I rest my case