ATOS are sponsoring the Paralympics?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Or McDonalds sponsoring the Olympics and Paralympics?

    Is this the same Atos that people were crying about because they were assessing (ex)servicmen and women? Funny how that thread went rather quiet when several posters came on and shared their good experiences with Atos.
  2. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Don't see an issue. ATOS didn't dream up the need to evaluate people for eligibility for incapacity benefit and I doubt they developed the criteria (which have to been Government agreed).

    ATOS have been behind the Olympics for years and have, as far as I can see, done a great job which I believe is free. I visited their LOCOG setup in Canary Wharf just before they went live, very impressive, as systems integrators go they have to be amongst the best.
  3. Who wants a punch?

    I haven't dealt with them yet.

    Give me a ******* chance FFS.
  4. Any truth in the rumour G4S are doing the secutity?

    Recruiting /publicity motto being
    "They are missing limbs. We are missing complete bodies."
  5. Shut up.
  6. Slagging off other peoople on arrse gets you banned if you're other than a MOD, or ROPs, O2 Tags, but if you're a MOD it's OK? Follow the link and find some of the horror stories about Atos and look further than your half full glass:

    DWP Examination Forum | Free speech for the disabled
  7. Who exactly do you think I slagged off?

    Here is a selection of quotes from people on this site who have dealings with Atos, you'll notice you're among those I've quoted.

    I know this is an emotive issue for the people this concerns but get a grip.
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  8. Proper sobbing like a bitch now.
  9. Oh well then, three people had a good outcome, ATOS must be alright then....

    ....unless you're like the bloke diagnosed with chronic heart failure and assessed by them as fit to return to work..... Bit of a bugger he died 39 days later.
  10. That's not what I said though was it? On the thread in question people were getting all upset, then some people got seen by Atos and didn't get shafted and the upset people decided they didn't want to contribute to the thread anymore. I know a lot of people who have been discharged on medical grounds over the last five years and not one of them has been complaining about Atos.

    I made no mention to civvies getting assessed by Atos and I made no comment on whether I felt they were doing a good or bad job.
  11. I've not read your links but site members hate scroungers, the govt has employed a company to rid us of these people, shouldn't we be pleased?
    We've had countless threads about the undeserving so isn't this positive?
    To get less benefits assessments clearly needed to be tougher, seems they're now tougher, you want them easier?
  12. Unless you can prove those people died because they were told to go back to work the numbers don't mean much other than to get people worked up. The article doesn't even say if the deaths were related to their illness or injury or not.

    As for the assessment, if it's computer based do you think Atos just decided the criteria of who was fit to work themselves or do you think they might have been given the criteria by the DWP?

    Assigning the right people to carry out the right assessments would be obvious to most people and obviously Atos has dropped the ball there. The same goes with any medical incompetence that may have occurred, Atos (or more likely their recruitment company) should have made sure the people they were hiring we're competent and up to the job.

    However, none of this makes me think that Atos is the work of the work of the Devil and I don't see any problem with them sponsoring the games which, as pointed out earlier, they have done for a long time.

  13. As my rather old and bold GP remarked when asked for his opinion of ATOS...

    'Well they got the TOS bit right'