ATO? RE Bomb Disposal? Airborne? Ginge is!

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by k13eod, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. Do you know Ginge Cotter? Fantastic bloke, thankfully he has found me on Facebook and wants to be pals. How can you say no to a fellow bomb bloke ... even if he is ATO/RE/Airborne:

    Feel free to check out his pics ... maybe like his page or become friends and ask a question or two:

    Ginge Cotter | Facebook
  2. He also seems to have a fantastic grasp on the English language!! Should have the ladies falling at his feet, frothing and screaming "Ginge! Take me now!"
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  3. Page gone!
  4. Airbourne?

    I love that band!
  5. PM Sent
  6. Love the fact that many of his photos are of the RLC (he claims to be RE) and are from wikipedia or the Army website!
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  7. Still there!! I must admit I do like his penchant for library photo's and a copy of his Ebay EOD certificate complete with 'add name'

  8. Page still there, we're top mates me 'n Gingy.
  9. Ive sent a friend request, but not holding my breath.
  10. If anything, he's a master of the Cut & Paste
  11. He's got 8 mates, you, some others and 3 young girlies. Is he related to Jimmy and should you be telling us something Kev?
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  12. Only got back from afgan 22 hours ago!

    He's like Ace Rimmer but with bigger balls

    What a guy

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  13. Why did he post that to you after finding you on faceache?
    Have you been posting "Weekend pictures" of you wearing a dress again?
  14. Is he Nigerian?? His spelling reminds me of when I got offered that $500,000,000 from a bloke in Lagos
  15. Probably my favourite picture is the one of the certificate that has 'YOUR NAME' in the place where surely we should see our man Ginge... Someone on here indulging in a bit of friday fake profile building?