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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trowel, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. I have just been told what to do if a robber puts a gun to my head and marches me to a cash machine.Apparently when you are forced to put your card into the machine the thing to do is to enter your PIN backwards. This ,it seems alerts Plod and he will come racing to your rescue. Anyone ever heard of this?
  2. Did you know that the word Gullible is not in the dictionary?
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  3. .............once hes finished his doughnuts.....=-D
  4. What happens if you pin is, for instance 6116 ?
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  5. My pin is 6666, oh shit!
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  6. Oh shit....So that's what all those strange 'alarm activations' I've been ignoring in the control room mean then ? Well now I know !
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  7. Complete and utter bollocks.

    Dap away lad and let us know how many armed response units turn up at the cash machine where, for all they know, you are being shot in the face by "bad ass yardie gangstas from the hood"

    Things to consider......
    1 Did the bank tell you about this incredible security feature when you opened an account.
    2 Did they tell you when you took delivery of your latest cash / credit card
    3 Why the fuck not
    4 If it was true but they didn't tell you, isn't it the most useless security feature ever invented.
    5 Is it possible that the bank didn't mention it because it is indeed bollocks and should you try it when being threatened by a crook with a shooter you will only get an incorrect pin message and possibly 9mm to the grid.
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  8. He will actually shoot the dozy mare who spends ages hunting for their card, gets a mini-statement and takes the card back, then withdraws cash and takes the card back then requests another mini-statement then nearly knocks you down as they dash back to check they have not left a mini-statement in the machine. Run away while the rest of the queue applaud the robber.
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  9. In that case just grab him and hold on tightly so the lightning bolt gets both of you.
  10. I hope Purple Aki robs and rapes you, thick dull racist cock.
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  11. I think you are lovely too.
  12. You can suck my cock, it's been parked up a delectable Indian immigrants arse all night. Racist cunt
  13. Oddly enough I am more than prepared to believe that.
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  14. Have you never bummed a woman, or are you a prude as well as racist?
  15. Why as on here??

    Why not pop down to your nearest ATM and enter your number backwards?? Simple!