ATM Mistakes. Advice needed.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by LordVonHarley, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. After have a spat of bad luck this week my luck changed when I got some money out of an ATM this afternoon. Instead of the £80 I had asked for it churned out £160 in crisp £20 notes. I have checked my bank account online and have been billed the correct £80.
    Will I have to pay back the other £80?

    It appears that who ever loaded the ATM miss labeled the cassettes, assigning a cassette of £20's as a cassette of £10's.
  2. Advice? Go back and empty the thing. Where is it?
  3. F%CK integrity...take the money and go get pissed!
  4. I was up to my daily limit or I would have. Damm having to do the food shopping in the morning, Damm and blast :x
  5. Sticks in the throat, but you have to give it back or the Bank will charge you with theft, it happened up here a couple of years back, people were asking for £10 and getting £100
  6. Don't they have to prove that the money dispensed was from the effected cassette, which as far as I know is not recorded. They only record the cash totals? I maybe wrong.
  7. The ATM Cassettes will only fit the appropriate slot in the machine - it's a load error - Securicor or whoever replensishes the ATM will be liable for the bank's loss.

    Although the bank can check from which cassette money is issued, the agro involved in trying to reclaim is not worth it for them - it will be written off. If the bank did contact you, and asked / told you that you had £160 instead of £80, the standard response should be "To the best of my recollection, I withdrew £80 and don't recall the machine issuing any more to me" - then ask why this is your problem, when evidently the bank can't look after its depositors money properly?
  8. Bankers are ******* . If the error is theirs , if they find out they send a few boys round.

    Really happens , went out with a lass from Darlo who worked in Lloyds.

    Asking her about this and that , "What happens if at the end of the day you are short of X quid"?

    A quick recount and find out when it could have gone missing . The send round the 2 biggest ,hardest looking men from the bank to "Question " the
    suspect . Even your old mum . Who would have spent the cash on Gin and tabs by then.

    Still if its their error well is their error. fukc em robbing bastartdds.
  9. Heres a link to exactly the same scenario. The public got away with the double issue buck shee.

    There are two types of ATM. One is loaded by securicor etc in sealed casettes the other is loaded by the Branch Staff with their own notes. If it was a securicor fed machine the bank will deduct the overissue from them. If is branch staff then a one sided interview for the two staff who loaded it beckons & a wee trip to HR.

    Please see link below for previous ATM Error from the BBC's website.
  10. go back at midnight and skin it
  11. If I go up the Braid Hills tomorrow I see if it has been left smoking by the student and oap population. Thou there was no crowds when I was there.
  12. It is recorded which cassettes dispensed cash at a given time, it's a small utility that engineers use to determine faults on the system. The bank will check the logs and get the account details, sorry.
  13. No they don't, cassettes are generic, it's the magnets inside the cassette and the note config used that determines what is in the cassette
  14. Same sappened to one of the machines in central station in Glasgow , thing went wierd about 10am , and had been cleaned out by the time i got there on my lunch :x I dont recon the bank could really get all the money back from all those people ....