Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JP47, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. These Nigerian fella's are a charitable bunch.They are sending me a cashcard and pin number for 230 dollars.

    I wish to inform that I have dropped your ATM MASTER CARD worth
    $800,000 USD with FedEx Delivery Services. Insurance and delivery charges have been paid for, but the only fee remaining is the security safe keeping fee of $230 USD which you will be required to pay before delivery. I did this because I was unable to make the funds transfer to your home account in your country. I have Travelled out of Nigeria to Switzerland for a period of 4 months to see my boss

    However, this was not paid for because of demurrage. Well, I did forward
    them your delivery address, but a re-confirmation is important and when
    contacting, I advise you quote the parcel and shipment code to them for
    onward delivery to your re-confirmed address. The ATM MASTER CARD
    has pin number 8876.
    Forward the following when contacting FedEx Delivery Services

    Your Name, Your Delivery Address, Your Phone Number and code below.
    Find FedEx Contact Information Below:

    Contact Officer: Mr. Fred Oliver

    Phone: +234-55743130

    Shipment Code: FED/00987-887641
    Parcel Number: 9972201-003Regards,

    to facilitate the conclusion of this transaction
    if Mr Fred Oliver with the above e-mail.
    Be informed,that this transaction is
    completely risk free and legal in all ramification,
    Mr. James Walter
  2. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Bloody Walters!
  3. Why do people on ARRSE feel the need to publish this pish? If people are stupid enough to fall for this kind crap then they deserve to be robbed!
  4. Christ better pay up who knows what kind of fraudsters work for fedex but it was good of him to try though restored my faith in humanity it has
  5. Why do people on ARRSE feel the need to comment on pish that is of no interest to them :roll:
  6. From the title I thought it was a new kind of credit card reward scheme:

    Bottle of wine £5

    Kebab and chips x 2 £8.

    Your other half allowing you to shove your shlong in her mouth after it's been up her dung chute - Priceless..