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ATLAS Consortium

Hi , Been stateside for a while now working with a few of the major IT groups, currently HP. Just been introduced to the idea of coming back to UK and working with the ATLAS group on DII. I've heard all sorts of grief and promises about DII but anyone know of the ATLAS work? is it a good company? what's the word on the street? Or is it one to stay well away from?

Have to come back to UK anyway so all the advice to stay away will be welcomed but sadly, not an option!

Thanks in advance!
ATLAS is a joining of HP, Fujitsu, and other companies for the delivery of DII, amongst other things. Are you thinking of coming in with HP as a permanent employee, or a contractor?

Do you have current SC or DV security clearance?
Thanks smudge - the plot is looking to work for the consortium which I guess will be a bit like holding hands for HP and the rest? I have SC and a rusty DV which may need updating! The other option is to move in with HP though it will be a differentpart to the US team I'm working with
ATLAS are ok, depending where you end up. Have worked in ATLAS for both HP & Fujitsu on DII and other projects. Got thoroughly fed up in last role as it was going nowhere and contractors were given the pick of the work over permies. Im now in Fujitsu on another account where they are actively replacing contractors with permies

Also, FJ currently pay those with DV clearance an annual bounty, dont think HP do
HP dont pay you squat if they can help it, i am sooooooo glad i am being tupee'd over to Boeing.
You're deluded if you think that the Boeing FLIS team are better organised or treat their TUPE employees better than everyone else.

Bottom line is Boeing are after profit - hundreds of TUPE employees get in the way of that aim. Unless you're happy to be arbitrarily moved to Milton Keynes?
I work for a smaller part of ATLAS on the training side. I aplied to HP, actually they asked me to interview then moved the goalposts! The training gig is pretty good though and i'm really starting to enjoy it, though SharePoint is always my preference in work.

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