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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by IT_Guy, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. After leaving the Army seven years ago I put on lots of weight and then lost it doing the Atkins diet thing.

    I found the Atkins reasonably easy as your never actually hungry but I did find the protein only foods pretty repetetive and boring.

    I have now put a stone and a half back on after giving up smoking a few months ago and have decided to do the Atkins thing again.

    Rather than suffering through the Chicken, Tuna and Cheese regime again I was wondering if there are any more interesting foods available?

  2. Try the South Beach - its similar to Atkins, based on lean protein, but allows you high fibre, low starch carbs too. I think its better for you, and offers much more variety. The really difficult part is the first two weeks when its 100% carb free, then you start to introduce whole wheat bread, pasta and brown rice etc.

  3. Um, perhaps I should of put 'interesting' in capitals - :D
  4. Atkins is flawed, South Beach is flawed. Why not just eat what you like to eat (within reason) and maintain a calorie deficit?

    Do you do any exercise? (serious question)
  5. No you shouldn't have IT_Guy. I apologise I'm in a childish mood today. :D

    Seriously though, I thought Atkins wasn't too good on the cholesteral front?
  6. If you want to loose weight, all you have to do is burn more calories than you eat, so dig out your old running gear and start pounding the pavements fatty 8O
  7. I agree that all Diets are intrinsically flawed as eventually the diet ends and you return to your 'normal' style of eating.

    However, I personally found the Atkins to be a very effective way of loosing the excess weight in the short term and helping me to adapt to a much lower sugar intake in the long run, I lost the weight for 3 years after the initial diet and have only put some back on due to the 'Habit' breaking issues with stopping smoking and the fact thst food tastes much nicer when you don't smoke!

    Basically, I've been eating lots of sugary foods and need to wean myself of them again.
  8. Quite right mentalist , these lard arses always want a easy fix, it aint rocket science, burn more than you consume and the lard comes off,so get of your arrse get running/ cycling/ hill walking /swimming and adopt a sensible balanced diet
  9. Oi! I prefer the term 'Cuddly'!

    No running for me, my knees make enough grinding noises as it is and the Lumbar Discectomy doesn't help either!
  10. *Sigh*

    I DID have a sensible diet!

    I gave up smoking (was that the easy fix?) and put some weight back on.

    I know Atkins works long term for me.

    I do hillwalking and sometimes swimming but not much else is possible physically.
  11. My OH lost 5 1/2 stone on weight watchers and she hasn't put any back on it's not about the diet plan it's about a change of eating habits and excercise, we have a dog and walk lots every day!
    Crack on mate and keep to whatever programme you chose
    Good Luck!
  12. Swimming is a good alternative to high impact exercise, but you have to beast yourself in the pool.

    As for diet, I prefer a meal in a glass..... Beer! It contains everything you need; carbs, protien and water. It tastes great and as long as you dont eat anything........ever, you wont gain any weight! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. I can reccomend the Lighterlife plan (have written about this in an older thread). I banged a load of weight on since leaving, and decided it was a bad thing. I Lost just over 7 stone with it and becuase it involves councelling to adjust your dependance on food, then it works int he long term too.

    It does have a website,

  14. you can sigh all you want mate, the atkins diet is a quick fix ,it aint sustainable and indeed long term it will do you harm, eat a well balanced diet , cut down on the beer /pies /take aways, start exercising and the weight will come off and if you want it to stay off theres no easy fixes, eat less and exercise more, calories expended against calories consumed ,simple as that