Atkins diet and training.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fight-on, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone tried the Atkins diet whilst training hard?
    I know it's not good to stay on the diet for too long, but I was going to try it for around 6-8 weeks.
    I've heard it makes some people feel tired and sluggish, so I just wondered if anyone had been on the diet and whether they found their training suffered at all.
  2. Sounds like a stupid thing to do, train hard and your gonna need carbs.

    Eat a balanced diet and train hard, simple. No short cuts to weight loss.
  3. What the hell is that? Whats wrong with eating alot of veg and meat.
  4. I never eat junk food. No chips, pizzas, cakes, biscuits, chocolate etc. So I can't cut out any "bad" food to lose weight.
    I find it very hard to lose weight unless I drastically cut down all the healthy foods I eat.
    Just wondered what the Atkins was like, short term, or if it affected your energy levels too much.
    I know eating healthily and exercising is the best way, but I need to try something else.
  5. Yes I appreciate not everyones body metabolises the same and I will admit I don't know the answer to your question, I am not a nutritionist. It just doesn't seem like a good way of doing it. Try doing a different training program perhaps?
  6. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    Dieting doesn't work. At least not for very long. Not only will you feel ill as fcuk by following this ridiculous diet whilst training but all the weight you lose is most likely to bounce back afterwards.

    Eat healthy several times a day, control your booze and stay active. Normal active, no need to turn yourself into a gym queen. Anyone with a dozen neurons will tell you the same.

    Take care of your body, don't harm it with silly diets and dangerous quick-fix therapies.

    Edited: You don't eat any junk food and find it hard to lose weight. Hmmm. Slow metabolism or hormone problems, maybe even a thyroid problem. Have you gone to your GP about this?
  7. Yep I believe there is some evidence to suggest that your body will naturally want to put fat on having come off the diet. A throw back to ye olde days when you had a bad harvest one year and starved because of it, the bodies way of defending against it in the future.
  8. O.K. lets get a little scientific with this weight loss.
    Step one Go to the basal metabolic counter link in the standards for military fitness thread. Use this to calculate your daily calorific requirement. It will factor in your age,height and how much activity you do. Once you have the total number of calories knock 500 off. This is your new target to aim for.
    You will have to sadly add up your cals for the day to make sure that you are under your new total. This way even if you do no exercise you are guaranteed to lose a pound a week.
    You say you are eating a healthy diet? How healthy? Forget the 5 a day for fruit or veg you should be aiming for ten a day but go for variety in colour and types and try to get an even mix between fruit and veg.
    Eat wholegrain wheat at least 3 portions a day. Cut back on the meat and go for lean cuts. Too much processed or fatty meat has an adverse effect on our health! Eat more fish! Oily preferably.Have some nuts and seeds to..lots of calories but nutrient rich and you only need to eat small quantities.
  9. Thanks all.
    I do know a lot about food/exercise etc, and the correct way to lose weight. But I wanted to try something else.
    Even if I eat under 1000 cals per day and train for 2 hours, I still hardly lose any weight. It's just the way I'm made. I've spent a lot of my life existing on very few cals and I'm not keen to do it again.
    Someone I work with eats 6 bars of chocolate and numerous bags of crisps per day, along with 3 huge meals, and does no exercise at all. She's 6 and a half stone and desperate to gain weight. We are not all made the same. You may be able to drop pounds very easily, I can't.

    I'd like to know if anyone has tried the Atkins diet and if they could still train ok without carbs.
    I feel I could keep the weight off, as I'm not going to go back to any "bad foods." I don't eat junk food anyway, and don't drink.
    I'm not fat but would still like to lose a couple of stone.

    I like the idea of Atkins as you can eat unlimited meat. For me to lose any weight at all the "normal" way means I am eating very little and feel weak training. Does eating no carbs on Atkins have the same effect though?
  10. fight on,
    i once thought the same, struggled to lose wieght, why am i like this. ive currentley dropped 1 1/4 stone in around 8 weeks due to exercise and cutting out the crap. no chocolate and ale etc.
    ive tried diets and training in the past and really cut down to bare minimum, never had any energy to train properly and also wasnt eating enough for my body to burn the fat i needed/wanted to shift.
  11. Speak to the man who invented it.

  12. I know---he croaked!
    Can't do any harm for a couple of months though, surely?
    Scoffing chicken, bacon and chops for a few weeks isn't going to give me a heart attack.
    Does having no carbs make you feel like s*it and sap your energy though?

    Anyone actually tried this diet??
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Mate, you're talking pish but keep going. It is interesting to hear from the next stage in human evolution :D

    PS - training without carbs is one sure way of fcuking yourself up. Listen to advice, eat healthily and weight will start to develop into muscle. Realise this - it takes time.

    Ostvic has given you good advice. Try it out before you try any of your hair brained schemes.

  14. After just two months? I'm not talking about a diet for life.

    I have taken the healthy eating/exercise advice. For several years, if you read my previous posts. I didn't invent this diet. It's not my idea. It's been very successful for thousands of people.
    If it was so dangerous the books would have been banned.

    I wanted to hear from people that have actually tried it.
    I certainly wouldn't do it for more than 2 months. Too much fat. Not good.
  15. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    If you aren't going to take advice, don't bother asking for it.