ATI all the way

:D hello
has anyone else had this code 43 error ? i looked in the forum but didnt see this subject there.

I was doing the good father thing and amazed my boy with a pile of new shiny stuff in his old-ish in his computer so he could play new games .

:D 1 x new dual core chip AM2 AMD THINGY
:D 1 x new motherboard Asrock Nf3 with AGP
:D 1 x new 1gb of memory New ddr2 stuff

Installed Vista (dont worry didnt cost a penny) i was thinking happy days i am the daddy

HOWEVER ...I happened to buy a dual core chip ..the chip is good and works real well,so does the new motherboard ,Both Brand new and shiny am2 type. The Graphics cards is a x1600 pro its agp but should be fine and was only a few months old and works fine ,except it doesnt install its drivers under vista !!!! :x :x :x 737-24498: Windows Vista: Code 43 Error in Device Manager in Systems with ATI AGP Cards and Nforce3 Chipset Motherboards

The information in this article applies to the following configuration(s):
Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit
Catalyst Display Driver 7.1 for Vista
Radeon® X1950 AGP series
Radeon® X1600 AGP series
Radeon® X1300 AGP series
Radeon® X850 series
Radeon® X800 series
Radeon® X700 series
Radeon® X600 series
Radeon® X550 series
Radeon® X300 series
Radeon® 9800 series
Radeon® 9700 series
Radeon® 9650/9600 series
Radeon® 9550/9500 series
Attempting to install the graphics driver on a system containing an NVidia NF3 chipset and an ATI AGP graphics adapter may result in the driver failing to install and the 3D engine not activating.

In Windows Vista 32bit or 64bit versions, the Device Manager will show a (!) mark and the AGP card will operate in PCI mode only. When the properties of the device are shown, the error code will show as code 43.

This issue has been seen with other AGP chipsets such as VIA and SiS but has since been resolved by chipset driver updates from these manufacturers.

AMD’s AGP adapters require correctly functioning AGP support from the operating system in order to run the WDDM driver under Vista. This WDDM driver has no way of working around the absence of AGP support.

Please contact NVidia Corp. ( for more information on this issue.

Fat lot of good that does!!

Dual core + Nforce 3 mobo + ATI agp card = not on Vista :x
Nvidia sell new Nforce three mobos for amd am2 but dont tell you about the code 43 error and the hundreds of people who have the error when they upgrade to vista .They said that the chipset was end of life so no patch or driver would be availible , They have since relented but still no driver several months on .Customer relations NOT AT NVIDIA :x :x :x

The boy is even happier now as he will be getting an ATi motherboard and new ATI pci express graphics card , i will also be upgrading to ATI products soon as the boy will have a better system than me now and thats not on.
Nforce 3 is indeed at end of life, but I'm running Vista on an Nforce 2 chipset OK. Had you been prepared to fcuk around with it a bit more theres a bastardised Nforce 4 driver which will operate nforce 2 and 3 well.

Nvidia won't tell you about this as it's put together by a bunch of enthusiasts and they have no control over how it's been written. I believe is the address.

Converse to your experience, I have only ever had grief with ATi, particularly heat issues.


Putting an ATI card in an Nvidia chipset motherboard is asking for trouble in the first place.

I had a couple of Asrock motherboards, and often had problems with compatibility.

Bear in mind that AMD now own ATI, so a motherboard with an ATI chipset is preferable if you are using an AMD / ATI combination. Asus do some good ones.

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