Athlone Warriors - London UOTC

The CO of London UOTC wants to establish a database of "Alumni" so as to start up a form of Regimental Association.

Those of you who passed through London OTC are invited to contact the adjutant via the email adress below:

The details that they would like you to include are:

Name (and maiden name if applicable)
Contact details
Years at ULOTC
Service history (where applicable)
Current profession

Any details passed on to the Adjutant will be treated in confidence.
there weren't any maidens in ulotc when I was there! no names, no letters from the csa :-*


And I though you were the exception Floozy.  How shocked and disappointed I am! ;D
i was!  come to think of it, still trying to get rid of it!  I thought we had a regimental association already, isn't it called the Church?


I wouldn't trust the current Adjt London UOTC with any details about me at all. He's a very good mate of mine and I agree wholeheartedly with Dogmonkey that he will obviously use any details to try and pull.

Let's face it - he's been in London pretending to do some work for the past few months and still hasn't got a bird. If there are any potential girlfriends for the poor boy then I'll be happy to mediate for him!
Let's face it - he's been in London pretending to do some work for the past few months and still hasn't got a bird

...or none that he has been able to hold on to. Now it would be harsh of me to reveal too much int on the boy, but if you are reading this word...."triangle!"

I am sure Dogmonkey knows the story, and if not then the highest bidder wins! £££££££

That being said, above request is a genuine one, and if all the lovely ladies don't feel safe letting the adj know they are out there, they should feel free to PM me, your trusty, safe, moderator! ;)



I have deleted your details as you put your address and phone number on there. I have forwarded on your details to the Adjutant.

For ref, the hotmail account is open again, please send details there by email.


IS Ski Geek

War Hero
You said that he was an Adjt.

Mmm confidentiality me thinks not ;D

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