Athlone bks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by doonhamer, May 30, 2009.

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  1. this luvverly hot weather makes my mind drift back a few years to Athlone barracks and the "beach" just down the road from the camp............anyone else remember the sandy bank dropping down from the woods to the lake! many a happy day spent with a yellow hand bag a boogie box and plenty of kraut tottie with the puppies out getting some sun!
    those were the days!!!!
  2. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Had blanked that place from my mind till now! Bloody hell good days indeed.
  3. It was an old sand pit, remember it well, then back to aggies for a few
  4. did a lot of running up there for pt and a lot of running around that lake on the colonels run.

    and i dumped alot of the locals bike in there on the way back from town.

    did you ever see the other nudest camp accross from the barracks.
  5. Always top tottie at the lake and many a warstarter drank in the sun. thankfully those memories have blanked out the many pt sessions spent running up and down that bloody bank. Definatley good times
  6. Yep, sat there in 'sex pests corner' many a time.
  7. It wasn't a nudist camp. It was just a normal caravan park. Having heard that rumour, we checked it out as well.

    As for dumping stolen bikes, well... :wink:
  8. Did you go there often? Can you tell me where you were on the evening of......

    The GCP still has a batch of old rape cases to clear up, in just that location.
  9. I went there often. Just me, my balclava helmet and my GS screwdriver.
  10. behind that caravan park was a nudist lake........i had just arrived there and was taking a sunday stroll with a few un named individuals were swimming in that lake and were removed by the German Police.

    said it was private land and was unhealthy to swim in that lake.
    they also said it was a strain on the eyesight.

    i agreed.
  11. Athlone was my first posting and the boys in my troop took great pains to totally corrupt me in next to no time, great days