Athletes you would


I’m more interested in the 20th & 21st holes if she’s playing.
You should always get the course-owners permission before playing the back nine in order to avoid damage to your club.



I wonder what goes through the mind of her caddy every time she wants wood...
'Kin 'ell - I could stand to "play a few rounds" with her!

More lust:-

Shes a Sports person so kind of an athlete but anyway I give you Sabine Schmitz.
Always remember her doing the Nürburgring in a Transit. Bouncing on the seat giving it JA JA! Teutonic Filth (just don't wipe it on her curtains or she'll invade your country)


How does she putt with them puppies swinging in the breeze?
I imagine they help improve the length of her drive somewhat, mind.
Simone Halep had a more substantial rotational mass up top, which is why she had a breast reduction. Quite different forces involved in a golf swing and professional tennis. Paige Spiranac seems to wear a good support bra to keep them restrained. A bit like a well packed bergan perhaps.

I am a Subject Matter Expert in “certain fields”. As an RAF friend once introduced me “This is Devex, he’s a Big Unit Specialist”
A title I have aspired to for the majority of my Adult life....


Keeping the weight behind the centre of mass! Bit like shagging a fat lass, they build up a momentum all of their own
There sounds the voice of experience, what is it about you deviants and fat lasses? There are certain members of this site who require professional help.

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