Athletes you would

Not exceptionally sexy but there's something about Laura Muir that gets me excited

I think it's probably because she finishes every race in that position with a pained "Come and get me Uncle Spanny" expression on her face
She was at school with one of my sons, and I'm pretty sure he never made a move on her. I see her out running occasionally when she's home from Uni, and it's frankly staggering how fast she moves just out for a jog.
When she gives up whatever sport she does, she can always earn a living as a professional walnut cracker with those thighs.
Looks like someone has already jizzed on her tits
Oh that's on the dress?

I thought it was my tablet screen.

It looks like a rubber wonder woman outfit.

Alicia Vikland deserves a mention for her training for the Tomb Raider movie.

Some decent bits in it, mainly 'cos I enjoyed watching her roll around having obviously had some MMA or Brazillian Jiu Jitsu training.

I seriously blotted my copybook with the friend I had gone to see the flick with, when I laughed loudly and was the only one in the cinema to do so at the fox chase.

My friend had clearly worked out some sort of fox tail butt plug was in my mind, and was less than impressed
Aussie beach volleyballers at the C'wealth Games:

Malaysian Gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, aged 23 before the paedos get excited

Some artwork to raise the tone...


I only watch it for the guard technique.



Kit Reviewer
Whilst I love the skill of Judo, he went for the nipple/tit punch at 8 seconds and moved his hands away for fear of political correctness, a quick slap there and he could have muff dived allowing her to lock his head in place and suffocating him in her mound for a personal victory. He could have also spilled the tits for the benefit of everyone, the bender.

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