ATEC role H18

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gl3897, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone here been part of an ATEC coy whilest on Herrick?

    if so what would one be expecting? contacts daily or a telic 12 "mag on"

  2. I take it your having a slow day on medal of honor.........
  3. Inf coys/ mulitpules have only just changed to the ATEC out in theretre as of H17. Dont know much about it myself
  4. Apologies but ATEC?
  5. You'd be looking at a JAROTC...minimum
  6. Advisor Team Enabling Company - a new look sub-unit for Op H.
  7. Just had a cross brief and it turns out our D Coy moved to the ATEC role in NDA.
    They had a fairly good time conducting independent ops to disrupt the ins giving the ANSF the space they needed as well as providing depth to ANSF patrols etc a fairly punchy role by the sounds of it.
  8. Rusty, cheers for the info.. sounds like it should be interesting