Discussion in 'RLC' started by richie_n69, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Army Technician Careers Advisory Board

    anyone attended one recently, what does in involve?
  2. ATCAB?

    Isn't that what the 6 fingered inbreds in the Forest of Dean have tatooed on their knuckles?

    "All Transport Cops Are Bastardss"
  3. Oi, Get your own nickname, you illiterate cnut
  4. PATO has brought out a letter which tells you exactly what is involved (I assume you are already an AT) the ref is:

    Land/Log/PATO/7101-01-01 dated 2 Aug 06

    This tells all. If you want I can precis it, but I can't be bothered at the moment
  5. various interviews, english and mathematics tests, as well as testing you via a 'distance learning pack' and some group discussion on current events

    basically think of it as a two day job interview
  6. ATCAB -

    Heldover 2 days at RLC Deepcut, Surrey.

    Selection for AMMO TEC's

    Hard !

    Maths , Interviews etc...

    Pass or Fail... thoe youcan ignor there advice and still go on for selection.
  7. Hard?????? And the standards just keep falling!

    Whats hard about just managing to get your name correct???

    There is nothing hard about it anymore, you just get placed on the course 'at-risk', waste the instructors time for six weeks, then get binned!