ATCAB Pre-course Reading Query

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dexter1994, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am attending my ATCAB on Tuesday.... I have read through the booklet a fair few times. I'm fine intellectually with the content, however have a question for anyone who has done the course before.

    Do you get the booklet in your assessments? It seems on a few of the questions that it expects you to be able to reference the material (i.e: E & r vol 1/2/3 paragraph 2.)

    Are you expected to be able to do this off the top of your head or are you allowed to booklet to reference during the assessments?

    Thanks guys

  2. Doesn't matter guys, I was being an unobservant tit... reread the pack and it actually says you don't need to know it inside out. At least I'll be able to get the references faster now though :)
  3. Hey mate, im going for ammo tech aswell.. Got my selection on the 26th then il get a date for ATCAB. Did you have to wait long for ATCAB? and is it as the school of ammo in kineton? Cheers.
  4. Yeah it is- train to Bambury and they pick you up. Get your maths sorted out- there were loads of lads flappin about it and most of them failed. Only 6 or 7 got through out of around 28 mate. Do lots of maths, mechanical reasoning and learn the ******* theory- the referencing is a piece of piss and I found was down to luck. I fucked that up- got the first 9 references in about as many minutes then couldn't find another one.

    Just learn the basic set out of the reference material and get people to quiz you on it. You have the reference material there in front of you anyway so don't worry.

    Smash it mate, people were totally threaders when they failed.
  5. Yeah I'd be gutted if I fail it, have you been given a start date yet mate?
  6. Hey

    I've got my selection next month, and am hoping to know how long it will be before I get in. How long did it take you?