ATCAB dress code

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BlackBOSH, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. what shall i wear parts of it it says warm clothes and for the interview is that another suit and tie job? thanks
  2. This is the first part of the selection process. The ability to read instructions and comply with them...
  3. if you where on the one today, that sucks.
  4. Why???????
  5. feckin got cancelled!
  6. Gives me chance to be on the panel. Which you'll all enjoy, because I'm an 'orrible ****!
  7. Can't wait, always wanted to see you in person... can I have your autograph pleeeeese?
  8. Im not being flippant here either, actually gen. wanna meet you!
  9. Jesus, my very own stalker. I'm not special, nor am I gay, so can't see the attraction.
  10. and you will never know who I am :)
  11. dingerr can spot a twat a mile of, so I would suggest doing the interview a mile and a inch away
  12. I joke, im actually shitting bricks at the thought of it :D
  13. Didn't quite come across how I meant it, after my 3rd setback on going to ATCAB it feels like I'll never be getting there. Delays delays and cancellations. Didn't mean to come across as twatish, just a man with shit humour :-x
  14. This is your chance to impress us and stand out from the dross; so I'll let you work out what you should be wearing.

    Not me though after 24 years I'm off! Have fun you all.
  15. Don't be bricking it, the trade needs people with confidence, not over confidence or cocky. An AT has many responsibilities at an early stage, flapping is no good.