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Evening all.

Apologies if this has been done before but I've searched through and can't find anything particularly useful.

I’m in the process of transferring to AT. All paperwork in, done and passed TST, sent of driving licence proof, SC Clearance etc and been told to wait for loading onto ATCAB and AT Pre-select.

Could anyone please tell me what to expect on these, and what preparation would you suggest? Have a fair knowledge of the trade and been told to keep on top of maths in case they fire any questions.

Going from memory here and things may have changed.

You will be assessed by ATOs AT Instructors and ex ATs on the staff. It is very similar in format to officer selection at RCB so if your officers/SNCOs know nothing about ATs ask them about RCB.

Little bit of brushing up on maths wouldn't go amiss. Speak to local education centre

Command tasks - speak to your gym staff for guidance on how to avoid shark infested water etc

Be physically fit as possible

Be prepared to give a short presentation to your peers.

Understand what AT trade entails for interviews. Spk to local EOD Tp

Show you are suitable to be an NCO. Bearing, self-disciplined etc.

As always, pack sense of humour and bucket full of good attitude

Give AS of A a call to find out the score and format of the selection nowadays, The SATs (WO1s) are sound guys and I believe a couple of them are re-treads themselves so will probably help. They won't thank me for the steer but who cares!
The ATCAB consists of a Distance Learning Pack (DLP) to be completed prior to coming on the ATCAB. You will also sit a maths test and visit Kineton to talk to serving ATs. This is followed by an interview to cover points in your DLP, what makes you tick and why the RLC should employ you as an AT. The ATCAB only advises you as to if you would be suitable to undertake the AT selection and the AT course if succesful.

The ATCAB does not stop you from attending the AT selection. It may stop you from making an arrse of yourself on the selection if you need more development in certain areas.

Advice to you. Brush up on your maths skills. Fractions, percentages, time/distance stuff and such like all without a calculator. Look smart, don't big time it and be honest with your answers. They look for leadership potential and self development. No use being a 12 year Pte who's done feck all with their life in and out of work just looking for a change from the MT park.

I was on the ATCAB a couple of months ago, and attended and passed the last AT Selection back in August so if you have any specific questions feel free to PM me. Calculators are not permitted during any of the Maths tests so probably best to brush up before you go to Kineton. The maths test on the ATCAB is only 10 questions and not too difficult, although the one on AT Selection is much harder. The pre-reading pack you are sent prior to selection gives examples of all the sort of questions you are likely to recieve and topics to go over.
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