ATC Winchester - sticky thread for all discussion concerning recruit training during 2019


A new sticky thread for those hoping to undertake recruit training at ATC Winchester during 2019.

The rules:

1. Think before you post - No personal details, no times of trains etc. Absolutely no FB links. Read the sticky thread on personal security before you start posting.

2. No such thing as a stupid question, but please make sure you use the search engine before you ask. The 2018 sticky is worth searching for answers.

3. Keep it civil. For the "old and bold", if you can't help with accurate and current information, then head over to the NAAFI to play. ROPs await those who can't follow this simple rule.
January 7th. cant wait!
Anyone currently in or going A company 1 platoon send us a PM
Is There anyone that can tell me the dates for the years intakes? i've been told there is only 3 for engineers in a year? if this is the wrong place i apologise feel free to delete.