ATC Pirbright - sticky thread for all discussion concerning recruit training 2019


I know. You started buying kit yet?
Got clothes for Christmas so that took a lot off but I’ve picked up the rest over the sales. Buying the kit so I don’t have to cart a lot there. I have passport photos to get but not doing that until I get a haircut.
I need to fish out my passport and a few other documents out, get my picture taken and still email about getting some kit on arrival.
Yeah there is a email address on the generic kit list (it's the only list I have) that you can get a few items off (page one of this thread shows what you get). It says not to take an iron with you so I'm not taking one, but I bet I can always order one off Amazon if needed
Does say in big bold underlined letters DO NOT BRING IRON AND BOARD
Even though it says that, definitely take a decent iron. The ones they have there are either in poor condition or don't work at all. They have some decent ironing boards, but it's easier just to buy one from the shop on camp, think it's like £10.

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