ATC Pirbright sticky - 2016 start dates


A new sticky thread for those hoping to undertake recruit training at ATC Pirbright during 2016.

The rules:

1. Think before you post - No personal details, no times of trains etc. Absolutely no FB links.

2. No such thing as a stupid question, but please make sure you use the search engine before you ask. The 2015 sticky will stay open until the end of January, and is worth searching for answers.

3. Keep it civil. For the "old and bold", if you can't help with accurate and current information, then head over to the NAAFI to play.
22nd feb anyone so far only found 2 people for that intake


You been practicing your runs? Iv only just started training again but iv got three months so should be ok


Derbyshire, I'm not sure how long the train is or any changes you need to make. CSM says you get tickets 2 week before.

Had a nightmare on ADSC. One train was late, so I missed the transfer an had to get a taxi the rest of the way.
I did mine in November 27th and got a date in the following Monday I'm starting in a few weeks

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