ATC Pirbright 2022 sticky - all Pirbright related chat in here

Alright mate, I'm the post above yours, I'm for Pirbright on the 14th as well. I'm still waiting on travel, but all the other stuff should arrive in the next week or so if it's like mine.
Yeah thinking that, should all arrive in due course as we still have 6 weeks. Have you had your start date for a while?
Provisional dates 04/09 Still awaiting final offer and kit list starting to panic as trying to make sure I’ve everything ready. Irons and ironing boards are they on the list please?


Don't worry about getting a low wattage one either, my son soon upgraded his 1200w iron to a 3000w one.

IIRC he did not get final documentation etc until quite late on.

@MrKD @mucker0411 Kit list from May 2022 Attached. Its part of the full letter sent before my son started. Not going to post that up on here.
There are plenty of sites which state extra kit which may be useful. Sniper tape, blister tape, paracetamol, dettol wipes (great for dusting), windproof lighters etc


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I had our Pass Out in March this year.
All the Cpl's are fine and really good Trp Sgt and Officer.

Beware of SSgts as one liked shouting at recruits giving it big & only a bedding stacker.
He was from the North and made himself look big and mighty, we all thought he was a nob.
If so good at drill why only the kit man sorting out are pee stained sheets.

Then found out he was actually called Rob.
He was rob the nob, but not to his face, the Cpls thought it was a right funny.

On the whole we enjoyed CMS, don't gob off just do what told and soon off to phase2
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Thanks everyone got my kit list and all relevant things through today hopefully see others commenting on here who have September as their start date.
This is correct but to be clear RAC recruits do not do the CIC. You will still do the 14 week CMS and then move on to RAC phase 2.
Just out of curiosity what’s the difference in phase 1 between infantry and RAC like the cms and cic I thought phase 1 was the same