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Had an ex-cadet mention in an interview that he went through this course called Junior Leaders with the ATC. I've tried to google it but no joy.

Was really just wondering what it entailed? As an ex-cadet myself I am aware how Micky mouse it can be, but would appreciate it if anyone could give me some gen.

Thanks gents
As an ex 'Air Cadet' I can't sya I've heard of said course, but as I left the cadets three years aog, things may have changed since then. He may have meant the Air Cadet Leadership Course, however, or JCLC, or poss even CLC Frimely Park - ask him if he has his course badge to hand, or his passing certificate.
Also, any courses like that should be in his 3822 (record of service book) that every Air Cadet is issued, and they'll be signed off by the DS staff. -ask him to have a peak at it.
Yep, he means the residential leadership course at Frimley Park. There won't be details in his 3822, there isn't enough space! I'll ask one of the cadet SNCOs at my Sqn (he's recently done the course) for specifics later this evening: if you can let me know exactly what you want to know, I'll be able to get you more accurate information.
Had a chat with two of our cadet SNCOs and the member of staff that does most of our adventure training: "Junior Leaders" is used to refer to at least two things in the ATC. Either the Army-run Cadet Leadership Course at Frimley Park or the course the previous poster googled. If it's the former, it'll be a week long, tent-accommodated course largely consisting of fieldcraft (including two nights in makeshift shelters), ambush/platoon battle drills, leadership and nav exercises, lecturettes, sports etc. There's also a similar (but less intensive and less fieldcraft based) course run at RAF Stafford (used to be at Cranwell). If your guy meant the course the previous poster mentioned, it's apparantly a massive committment over 9 months, quite difficult to get on to and very well regarded.


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Ah, thanks for that allyjs, enlightening.

I didn't think it would be like frimley, or nesscliffe, but it looks like an easy version of mod 3. I just wanted to know what sort of level it was at. The whole getting a dz flash and airborne tie is a bit weird to me to be honest...!
Air Cadet Leadership Course

This is run by the Combined Cadet Force (RAF) at RAF Cranwell successful completion of this leads to the award of the Cadet Leadership badge.

Cadet Leadership Course

Air Cadets are also able to attend the Army Cadet Force (ACF) Leadership courses which are held twice a year CTC Frimley Park for the CLC or Nesscliffe for the Land Command Leadership Course (the latter being more field skills).

The Junior Leader course (the one with a DZ patch) is held on the STANTA and requires 100 hours of prep work, run in two phases and covers the following areas (this course is probably the toughest Cadets can do).

Phase One

* Core Skills
** Management
**Life Skills
** Armed Forces Knowledge
**L85 Weapon Handling
**Interview skills
**Social skills
**Public speaking
**Project Management
**CV writing
**Elementary infantry tactics

Phase Two

* Tactics and Leadership Development (TLD)

During this phase Cadets have to be able to use their skills in real life scenarios and receive coaching by members of the Regular and Reserve Forces.

Finally 10 days are spent at a graduation camp (eight days field exercise and two days of exams and presentations) and all participants have to have a six hour period to lead a section. It is during these days that the skills and knowledge gained by the cadet over the previous months is put to the test. This course also qualifies the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Award in Team Leading.
Just found this on a pdf:

Junior Leaders Course.
Candidates must meet the following criteria:
a. At least 17 years of age.
b. At least Cadet Sgt.
c. Staff Cadet (Part 1).
Preferable, but not essential criteria:
a. L98 Qualified.
b. Attended Leadership Courses at RAF Stafford, CTC Frimley, Nesscliff or a
Rgn/Wg SNCO Course.


Assessment will comprise leadership command tasks, a uniform inspection, a 5-minute presentation (candidates may choose any subject), an interview, informal discussions and a fitness test supervised by RAF PTIs. Males should be capable of running 1.5 miles in 11 mins and completing 30 press-ups in 60 seconds - 12 mins and 20 press-ups for females. All tests will be carried out in PT kit.

The guidelines below give an indication of the qualities the JL DS are looking for:

a. Maturity. Is the candidate at ease in an adult work environment?
b. Loyalty. Does the candidate show a marked enthusiasm for the Corps?
c. Manners. Is the candidate well mannered?
d. Determination. Has the candidate shown grit and tenacity in Corps
e. Career Choice. Has the candidate decided on a career or field of
f. Commitment. Is the candidate available for all phases of the Course ?
g. Sense of Humour. Does the candidate show this in the face of
h. Financial. Is the candidate able to fund a personal/Sqn/Wg sponsored
contribution of £200? This includes a returnable deposit of £50 for CS95
clothing and equipment.

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