Discussion in 'ACF' started by posh_scouser, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. Can't find this on the search so.....

    I have just sent off my application to be an ACF AI, no problems there, but the other day a mate of mine who does some work with the ATC asked me if I would be interested in joining his squadron. I'm really tempted to take him up on it as the adults/cadets seem a good bunch. The question is, will being an instructor in both cause a massive conflict of interests for me, make my mate look an idiot for talking me up to his DC and in the end mess arround all involved, especially the cadets?

    sorry in advance if the question is bone :?
  2. I did. I was an AI in the ACF and a civillian instructor in the ATC. However, I beleive the ATC has rules that you can't be a uniformed member of both organisations. (The ATC has unneccessary rules for practically everything, mostly saying you can't do do this or that, but very little on what you can do, or how to do it!)

    I don't know of any ACF rules prohibiting you from being a CI in the ATC, or indeed anything else, but I think you can only be commissioned in one or other, not both, and if say you were comissioned in one, you would probably have to resign from the other.

    As an ex-CI, I'dsay don't bother. The ACF is a much better hobby. I thought my 3 years, although very active in the ATC, were a waste of time and the organisation has lost its way.
  3. stick to one or the other
  4. Cheers WOTW, I'd heared they were a tad restricted in what they could do. It's a shame really cos I really enjoyed my time in the RAF side of the CCF, we never really seemed to have a problem doing all singing, all dancing platoon/flight attacks. I don't spose there would be any problem with me popping back to my old CCF as an ACF type in that case?
  5. I don't know about RAF CCF, but I know that ATC do not get to fire L98 blank. Only live rounds on shooting ranges. So in the ATC it wouldn't be all singing or all dancing.

    Don't see any reason why you couldn't help at your old CCF. The only thing I'm not sure about is insurance - and if or how the ACF covers you if undertaking CCF activities. I'd like to think it's all RFCA insurance and wouldn't be an issue, but I'm not sure. Probably best ask your CEO.
  6. Couldn't agree more! Wasted 3 years of my life as adult staff in Kent ATC. Most adult staff are utter tossers. There was a very anti-adult forces attitude, eg "We don't want you encouraging the cadets to join TA or regulars when they are 18, so stop inviting Army/RAF careers to visit your Sqn".
  7. Thanks for the replies, It turns out that I can't be a fully fledged adult (you have to be 20/21 it seems) but can be something called an "instructor cadet". Could anyone tell me what that entails (we never had those in CCF) and if it would affect my being an ACF adult? Not sure it would be worthwhile doing any ATC stuff based on some (or all) replies though, but i dont want to make my mate look an idiot.=|
  8. why don't you just do one of them and get a social life, or even better, JOIN UP!!!
  9. I'll probably just go ACF, dunno if joining up is an option, what with being colour blind
  10. There are plenty of things you can do if your colour blind, certain trades wont allow you i.e chef and EOD ect but there are still plenty more jobs, have a chat on the medical board and ask around, but im certain that colour blindness wont bar you from the services
  11. That's good news, I thought I was completely barred from joining up, guess it's a lesson in not believing every rumour/ half truth you hear...I don't spose it gets massively more strict for officers?
  12. Couldn't agree more about the adults, my local Squadron were the same a few years ago, i offered to take some on a weekend with my ACF detachment, for fieldcraft training, night navex etc.

    One of the adult staff nearly had a coronary, then spouted on about what they don't do rather than working to find out what we could do, i gave up in the end.

    I even offered to run there range for them as they had no one qualified, they still weren't interested.

    Almost stuck up, a bit of a were better than the ACF attitude.
  13. to be honest i dont know about officers, i dont think its different but like i say, go to the medical boards on this forum and have a butchers first and if you cant find anything, then ask the question.
  14. looked on the med boards and it looks like i'm ok, just won't be doing any fast jet flying. I'll ask the nice man in the AFCO just to see what the official score is on trades/corps
  15. well to my knowledge you can't do chef because of the chopping board colours and you wont be able to do EOD and stuff like that becase of wire colours. good luck. it would be better that you join up and then go back to cadets as an AI with some experience