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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by londonfluffy_bunny, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. Had a search on this topic but couldn't find anything either on aarse or google.

    Posted on Aarse several years ago about depression as I was/am really interested in both the regs and TA. I'm still on meds being rather up and down so I know this has totally put the kabosh on these routes as well as the police. :(

    I'm currently testing a self employment idea in the arts but I'm still hankering for something more exciting on the side. I'm also an ex-teacher who feels people who complain about teens hanging around on the streets should put their money where their mouth is. Option one would admittedly be the Scouts- I'm an ex Guide and not so comfortable about the gender discrimination, and my own nephew has been flatly told by the nearest troop that he's no hope of ever getting a place. I'd happily sign up myself to lead a new group but I'm an atheist and this is way more important to the Scouts than my teaching experience...

    My own sister found her niche in the ATC, joined the RAF and is considering returning as an AI but I want to get involved in a more 'outdoorsy' way so the AFC looks perfect. I'm a 29 year old female who swims and does karate so I'm physically fit. However, I'm aware that the ACF trains in firearms and that this might stop me because of my problem with depression. I've never been suicidal or self harmed.

    Is anyone here able to give me any advice?

    Many thanks
  2. Should read ACF !!! in post heading...sorry
  3. Have a read of a blog by someone called AM (Amanda) on the forum (can't believe I am recommending someone go to waltsville but hey ho!), she suffers from depression and had issues with sexuality (she's Bi), was stopped joining the fuzz as a Special however she took them to a tribunal under Disability Discrimination and won and now is a Special or was), anyway so depression isn't a barrier to joining the plod (as a Special anyway).

    Agree with what you said about Scouts, we had no luck getting my gf's lads into local groups although they are happy with St John Badgers at mo (something like 60,000 youngsters wanting to join youth groups but no places - its because the CRB checks are putting people off volunteering to help)

    As for Cadets....... you can only but try
  4. If you've never been suicidal or self harmed, I don't see why you'd be a 'rubber gun chit' candidate!

    Its all about context.

    I'll PM you with some thoughts later.
  5. good luck with it. im sure you'd be of use in some way. always need AI's

  6. I'm curious about this bit. How come your nephew can't get a place?