ATacCS SyS Man Course

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jellyjelly, Sep 11, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone have the attacs project for the managers course I can pilfer to ensure my pass on equipment I will blatantly never see???
  2. I just had a browse through my somewhat extensive archives, but it appears that I have "admin'd" it away somewhere, Its a piece of cake anyway, so it looks like you will have to put in the work, and spend an hour less in the bar.....sorry :cry:
  3. Well if anyone can help please let me know as I am having trouble with this so called piece of cake as I am no where near a cone head yet and this hurts my brain!!
  4. Rumour has it that all the projects are different anyway... though thats going to be too late for you anyway. Hope you passed..!

    More up to date.. I hear the IS Super's did the ataccs course in 2 weeks instead of the usual 3..? Any truth in that..?

    If so, what did sunny blandford do - dumm the course down to pass them through, or are the IS Supers that sharp ??
  5. Of course they're that sharp. That's why they're Supervisors IS! Don't you know that only SNCO IS Engrs can go on the course? :wink:
  6. Yeah.. Thats why the last course got the blandford 3... Anybody got a real answer or we got no interest here.. :?:
  7. The last course didn't have the Blandford 3, there has been a course since then which finished just before Christmas. I will try and find out for you about your question though. I hadn't heard they did the course quicker as they finished the whole course on the date they were supposed to.
  8. I would like to point out that the "WibbleFish" who posted above is not myself before any abuse starts and I get threatened, once again, with a jolly good wrist slapping.
  9. Sorry Wibblefishbanana, was not trying to impersonate or steal your nickname. I used wibble-fish some time ago else where and was unaware of your use here. I will desist use of it just as soon as this thread runs out (looks like that may be soon !!) Wrist slapping not required. :D
  10. Nah, keep using it!....It all adds to the confusion. More abuse required however :wink:
  11. Anything else on this thread would be a bonus - abuse or otherwise ! :roll:
  12. My point (though deliberately trite cos I was in a funny mood) was, regardless of any Blandford Three discussions, the Supvr IS course is made up of experienced IS personnel, rather than just your bog standard NCO posted into a unit.

    It might be of more value to discuss why we teach everyone to manage a system that very few are going on to use. I suspect that this question might have alsready been asked (post-course wash-up?).

  13. Sorry have to disagree with that comment. Although there are some experience individuals, there are also a lot more who re-cap badged etc who are not experienced IT personnel, but have the basic knowledge to get through, and there are may units out there where your so-called "bog standard NCO" are a heck of a lot more qualified than their Supervisor especially in the latest technology.
    I can bet that when the new sprogs come through training some of them will be highly IT proficient and put the IS Supvr's to shame. The IS Supvr course, is in my opinion, purely a course to learn to manage IT and should be more based in learning how to use the skills of the IS Engrs, afterall I can bet there are many many more NCO's who are far more qualified than the majority of the IS Supvr's. So I agree why teach them ATacCS, afterall even if they went to an ATacCS unit they probably wouldn't really touch it, but manage it. Let the proper workers do the work, the NCO's.
  14. Gets out Megaphone!


  15. Explain..... :?