At what stage of the application is Baseline Checks done?


I've been informed by my local ACIO that they are just finishing off something called Baseline Checks.

What are these and at what stage should this have been done?

Reading through the job spec sheet, it says a BC should have been done upon application.




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The DVA said:
Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) (formerly Basic Check (BC)) and Enhanced Baseline Standard (EBS) (formerly Enhanced Basic Check (EBC)):

These are not formal security clearances. They are a package of pre-employment checks that represent good recruitment and employment practice. A BPSS or EBS aims to provide an appropriate level of assurance as to the trustworthiness, integrity, and probable reliability of prospective employees and should be applied to:

All successful applicants for employment in the public sector and Armed Forces (both permanent and temporary).
I've just passed selection and I've heard nothing about a baseline check. Sounds like something that should be done at Wimbledon
isnt it when they photocopy your passport etc when you hand in your application ?? i believe thats what it is anyway if youve sworn your oath already they need to pull their finger out!

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