At what stage is the Security Clearance done?


I start basic training at ATR Pirbright in two weeks.

Apparently, I have to do a security clearance sometime during phase 1.

Does anyone know at what point during phase 1 I have to do this i.e. first week?
What is required from me, such as identity documents?
How long does it take to get the results from this SC?
Do many people fail the SC?
How indepth do they go, or is it simply a matter of checking my name against databases?

Cheers for any help,

Low level SC is straightforward, but to avoid embarassment:

First time I did it, I didn't know my Dad's full name, date of birth or where he lived. Not knowing this would have meant long delay before approval. I got a distant relative to discreetly find this out for me beforehand. Typically, I didn't know me Mam's birthday either, but that was just a phone call to her.

You should know the answers to the rest of it off the top of your head. Do not lie or 'fudge' any answers, because you may get checked out to a much greater level in the future then find something you lied about this time comes back to kick you in the goolies, obstructing you from sexy jobs.
ABewes said:
I didn't realise there were two types of security clearance.

How soon did you get your result back?
There are several types:

SC-Security Clearance
DV-Developed Vetting
CTC-Counter Terrorist Check.

It is not worth lying as this will just go to show you cannot apply typical values and standards, ie loyalty, integrity, etc etc.

Clearly by the way your post is written you have something to hide. Honesty is the best policy as several times through your career you may require SC or DV. A crim record does not really de-bar you from Army, dependant on crime.
ABewes said:
Final question: do you get an envelope with the security form so that you can seal it before handing it back?
No, you do not get an envelope. It needs to be properly checked by admin staff. They get returned for the most simple errors.
Fess up or you will be found out.

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