At what stage are security checks performed?

Hey all,

I'm in the process of re-enlisting and I was speaking with the recruitment officer today, when I asked this question. He thinks it is done once I begin phase 1/2 training; however, when I last went through the recruitment process, it took place after my interview and lasted 2.5 months.

Does anyone know when the security checks are performed for re-enlistees?

I know the process goes BARB > RG8 > ADSC > Phase 1, where does the checks fit in?


I've just done mines and my process to this point has been

Initial visit>Application form>hand in app, and do BARB>Fill out RG8 and send off>(after about 3 months) RG8 Cleared>Went on a fitness assesemnt with a local regiment>Got my security form>Interview and handed my security for back in> Present Day 8)

Hope this helps .

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