At what point?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jimbojetset, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Is there a possibility that the hatred of what someone stands for can be overlooked when they make a good point?
    A Politician (no matter who from far right to far left) must occasionally make a point that you think - "oh yeah that makes sense" or
    someone you know to be a complete bell end says something and you think, "well thats a good point" or does your hatred always colour your opinion of what they say and do?
  2. give me a are you on about! :?
  3. I loathe Gordon Brown and his despicable party with a passion - but he made some good sense talking to Andrew Marr this morning. I also approved of the interview being conducted in Downing Street with both wearing suits - Bliar would have been lounging on a studio sofa sans neckwear.
  4. OK as an example, David Cameron and his point of view on Grammar schools, you may dislike him, but he does have a point. The conservatives under Maggie didn't build any new grammar schools. Or, Gordon Brown - he may stand for everything you dislike in the world, but has he never said anything you agree with?
    On this site, there are people who's views I hold to be next to those of Hitler, but at the same time, they say something that I agree with. At what point can you say to yourself they have a good idea, or do we always say, no he's a twat.
  5. Ok Sandy_boots has been better at explaining this than me!
  6. I get upset when my bias and blinkers don't show, but I do agree with people I loathe from time to time. Never happended with Bliar though.
  7. You mean the same way i feel about you? In my opinion you constantly talk crap, and untill you come out with some outstanding comment,(which aint going to happen) I will continue to think the same thing about you!
  8. Thanks for the input, I think many of your posts are pure genius.
  9. Are you and Jim married :?

    I think by the end of the day we are all allowed to have fredom of speech and if everybody agreed with each other life would be pretty boring. I try not to pre-judge people from what others say and I will always try and give people the benefit of the doubt if they have p*ssed me off in the past (ideal world). But I suppose deep down everyone does hold out judgement on people who have p*ssed them off in the past and would dis-agree with everything they said just out of principle. You two wouldnt believe each other if one of yousaid the grass is green would you :?

    Go on lads give each other a :cuddle: or I wont send you a Christmas card :wink:
  10. I think I rubbed him up the wrong way (not enough lube I should imagine).
    Seriously though, just because I disagree with him on some things, some of what he says make sense.
  11. yes it can be most hateful when someone i loath with a vengance makes a point that i agree with....however it happens rarely enough that im not permantly consumed with rage/shoe throwing!
  12. Interesting, so is it possible that the person you loathe makes a point you agree with it might make you loathe them more? :wink: There is a twisted logic in that I think
  13. Bimbojetset says

    I think I rubbed him up the wrong way (not enough lube I should imagine

    Come on bIMBO, you know real soldiers dont use lube, Dry rubs much better .
    Maybe i was a bit harsh with you, so until next time you piss me off im sorry.
  14. Well in that case me too, and next time no lube
  15. Perhaps! But the smart person will swallow their pride and rise above petty jibes and barbs to acknowledge 'A valid point' in the right circumstance.

    Case in point would be gay issues i dislike 'homophobic dicks' however i have too acknowldge that people have a right to voice there negative opinion of homosexuality Within the bounds of law and common respect for the person and will fight to defend that right to voice that as i would to defend my right to be a dyke.