At what point do you tell civvies to fcuk off?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ninja_Turtle, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Just spent the weekend at a music festival. Was there for 5 minutes, said something about spastics and some fucking fat civvie schoolteacher starts having a go. Talking to people like they're children, and generally fucking everybody off by pretending to understand army culture.

    Should I have told her to eff off as soon as she opened her mouth and told the fat drunk bitch that she should P*ss off?
  2. yes. if not sooner than that not for being a civvie but for being a schoolteacher giving lectures to adults who know better.
  3. Unless a civvie has something you want always tell them to fuck off after 3 seconds.

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  4. If they do have something you want then you can take it a gun point...depending where you are at the time.
  5. Yes, but after plying her with rhohypnol and publicly kicking her back doors in.

    Fun at Download, but can't see it working at FolkFest myself.
  6. Nope, if you were any squaddie worth his salt, you would have tried to shag it. Or at least tried for a squeeze of her tits.
  7. Should have stuck the nut on her then told her to fcuk off as soon as she got within spitting distance. Then followed up with a tirade of abuse about her never working in the real world, never having roughed it at the sharp end, never seen wrong end of a 12 hour shift in the yards blah blah along with scorning her for the amount of paid holidays and sabaticals she is entitled to each year. Then nut her again, tell her to fcuk off before you stick you Amstel bottle up her chuff. Well thats what I would do.
  8. I find that if I don't engage them at all and even avoid eye contact if possible my day is a much happier one...
  9. Are you blokes sure that you are squaddies?
  10. You should have explained that in essence, you and her are both civvies. The only difference is that you wear DPM as a hobby.
  11. Fat chicks adore squaddie c0ck. She was flirting with you man! Her blatent attempt at persuading you that she understands army culture is fat chick code for "I'm gagging for it, come lick the cheese from my folds"

    Don't they teach anything decent at the Depot anymore?
  12. dribble and masturbate. shit in your hand and rub it on your lips, give her a kiss
  13. or if you were a gentleman, you could have given the bint the 1000 yd. stare followed by the immortal,

    "Those of you who think you know everything, are annoying to those of us who do!"
  14. Do you wear your DPM for work during the week,or are you a civvie?

    Don't get the hump,just a question and not a knock.
  15. When talking to these plebs, just stare at their tits and nothing else, or dick if male.