AT Trade - Points towards OU degrees

Discussion in 'RLC' started by GasmaskWilf, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. I seem to recall that at one time that the AT course(s) used to qualify for a number of points towards some OU Degrees.

    Is this still the case and if so, how many points and against which courses?
  2. 60 Points - In consultation with the OU as to which particular subject or module they count against.

    I think there is a qualifying date, so the old timers don't have an automatic qualification.
  3. I'm led to believe from the Army's website that post 2002 it is 60 at level 1 for the T2 and 60 at level 2 for the T1.

    None of which is any good to an old fart like me, so if anyone has any more info on pre 2002, or personal experience on obtaining points, it would be appreciated.
  4. Reply from OU would seem to indicate that anyone who completed the AT course(s) prior to the 2002 date, does not qualify for any points.

    Seems a bit odd, perhaps harsh, as the course surely has not changed that much. Then again I guess that they had to draw a line somewhere.

    However if anyone knows any different then do please tell.
  5. Unfortunately that is correct. However I did hear of a man, a WO on continuance and currently in somewhere hot for 2 years, getting his boss, a civilian assessor, to write to the OU and get him his points. The only case I have heard and more about who you know.
  6. Why do you need an OU degree? Felix tie not working these days?
  7. Got to start thinking/planning for life on the outside. As for the Tie, never quite reach that pinnacle: more lab rat/depot donkey than IEDD guru/demi-god.
  8. You've no need to worry then, at least you'll always get a job at Kineton working for Spook (if he's still there) in one of the APBs (if anyone is allowed to work in them). :wink: