AT trade not so atractive

Discussion in 'RLC' started by caddiezn, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. :twisted: Hey:

    well this is a twisted and bitter AT (NOT PICKED UP ON BOARD) that has filled a Cpls slot for two years and still did not come off the board... with only a handfull of AT`s coming off the board it does seem that the right to call yourself a AT is not worth the effort.

    With the attraction being fast promotion and a good trade i wonder if someone should tell the new soldiers that it is not all a bed of roses.....

    But hey im not that bitter.. i would just like to hear from someone in the Higer Part of the Trade, what is the rules?????

    12 months probation and then promotion?

    Seeking Advice not a battering... not that many of Us could Do that.. LOL
  2. How old are you?

    There are many soldiers in other branches of the Army who will view with contempt for the comments you have made, and many others who do a damn site more than filling in for a Cpl for a while. As for advice, I would suggest you work harder keep your mouth shut and don't expect a free ride.

    Probation? What the hell is that, what happens if you don't make the mark, are you reduced in rank and retraded.

    As for the fast promotion - those days are gone from what I understand of the FAS re-rolling and VENG employment structures, and in my opinion if that is what you require then re-trade to a time indexed promotion CEG (within the Royal Signals for instance).

    In respect of what to tell the new soldiers, I would suggest something along the lines of an Ammo Tech is a difficult trade to suceed in, there are plenty of hoops to jump through if you want to make it (just like every other job in the army) - Wasters need not apply.
  3. and..... if you are really good, get all the right ticks in all the right boxes and if you are in the right place at the right time....... you can still get nowhere if your face doesn't fit!

    Count yourself lucky...... you've probably only been in 5 minutes anyway.
  4. Hmm, if your shite, you don't get promoted.

    Simple really.
  5. Thanx all.. as to the only being in for 5 min.... try 16 years... so bomb doctor... get your life in order first... im not a new soldier........

    as to only doing a higher job for a while, whel i have done my bit in the infantry , and the rlc so if you want to comment about a job well done then first find out who you r speaking about...

    the only thing i was asking for was constructive chatter, but as allways the AT trade seem to be full of a real load of *********** that seem to think the world revolves around them....

    As to he comment of being shiit... well it takes one to think he knows one...
  6. Sixteen years and still a full screw AT you must be doing something wrong
  7. Caddie, why so bitter? You say you have done your bit in the Infantry and then re-traded to AT. I would guess that you did maybe 12-13 yrs in the Infantry? Whilst you were in the infantry, what was the average promotion time for a LCpl/Cpl? I bet it was more than 2 yrs! Whilst on average the AT trade has a higher promotion structure than many trades in the Army, it never guarantees promotion on a particular timescale.

    There are, as I'm sure you know, several gaps at the Cpl/Sgt level, so as long as you were qualified and reccomended and had a reasonable write-up on your last CR you should promote. As you didn't promote I would suggest that the fault lies somewhere between your eligability/recommendation and overall write-up. Look inwards before lashing outwards is my advice.

    The AT trade can and does offer [extremely] rapid promotion, eg I know a chap who was promoted to SSgt this year having served 6yrs in the army and no QJM - he is however exceptionally competant. Speak to your OC / RCMO about where you came on the board to find out why you didn't promote, but be prepared for some harsh truths.
  8. Stop acting like one then.

    I actually meant you must have been an AT for 5 minutes.....

    I thought he was only filling a Cpl's spot.... that means he is only a substansive L/Cpl surely?

    16 years L/Cpl and now in one of the fastest promoting trades in the British Army.... do you think they're trying to tell you something? :)
  9. bullet fixer, im looking in and all i get from the powers that be is a gleaming CR and a good writeup.... but hey what if your RCMO is a ex ATO and still manages to fcuk you over, by not sending paperwork up or even not doing his job....

    feel bitter... hell yeah.. coz he is a officer i cant just walk up and smack him in the teeth....

    as for the sixteen years... well i was at the dissy hights.. but got bust for, let just say dissagreeing with a officer on a OP tour..... so lay off the sarcasm... Doctor..

    as i said in the first message i need help and not fcuken a hard time so if you dont have any good things to say then plz SHUT up...
  10. Hmm, RCMO at fault, previous officer at fault, AT trade at fault?

    Perhaps you mignt want to look a bit closer to home. After all, every one of your comments has been about battering someone, smashing teeth in or disagreeing - maybe the issue is yours.

    To quote you - 'the AT trade seem to be full of a real load of *********** that seem to think the world revolves around them.' The query was about YOU not getting promoted. See any irony in your comments?
  11. Is this a Wah?

    Sod it, it's Saturday morning, I have a hangover, I'll bite.

    On the one hand we have someone who, in the space of three posts, has managed to produce the impression of being:

    A self-centred, ingrate who firmly believes that the world owes him a living.

    Not been promoted because it's everybody else's fault.

    See a pattern forming here?

    The advice you have been given above stands. If you don't want to listen then don't.

    Promotion in any trade within the Army depends on producing the goods, competition within your rank, number of available vacancies, and to a small degree patronage/ how well your reporting officer can write CR's.

    Speak to your RCMO, find out how many people boarded, how many points you got, what position you were and what the quality line was for promotion. Regardless of whatever trade he is. He will give you that information.

    Be prepared for some hard truths i.e.

    You were below the line. Tough, try harder next time.

    You weren't eligible for promotion. A number of reasons for this, one could be that you have a promotion bar. Did you pick up a Regimental Entry when you got bust in the Inf? Do you have a not recommended CR in your last three CR's?

    You were above the quality line but no vacancies. Unlucky, you may pick up later in the year. It may even be that two of you received exactly the same score and he picked up, you didn't. Even worse is when people behind you pick up on after boards/trickle promotion and you don't. That's patronage at work.

    As an Lance-Jack you may even find out that you don't even have to go on a board. In this case the above applies, less having to wait for a vacancy.

    The only people who can advise you with any degree of accuracy, are your SNCO/Officers and your RCMO. People who know you and are aware of your good qualities as well as your faults. The internet is not the best place for careers advice. It is however the best place to be given a hard time as you came across as a bleating, whining, feckwit.
  12. Which unit are you at? RCMOs are not involved in CR writing nor the sending of promotion paperwork to MCM Div. Between your OC, the Adjt, the CO and the Ch Clk, your CR gets written and sent to MCM Div, not the RCMO. If you're saying that you don't think your CR got to MCM Div and wasn't put in front of the board, which is why you weren't promoted, then that is an entirely different allegation.

    Your RCMO is also unlikely to be an ex-ATO. He will still remain an ATO even if he is employed in a mainstream logistics Regt - he just doesn't get issued his bomb suit and wire cutters! If your RCMO is an ex AT, he is the best person to advise you on how to manage your career and where you should ask to be posted next, and when you should be considered for your upgrading course. I very much doubt he would have deliberately fcuked you over, however if you believe he has been negligent or your CR didn't get to MCM Div, then I would request an interview with your OC as a matter of some urgency.
  13. I for one can speak from experience.

    1 of getting fucked over and

    2 for just being shit

    Stop whining. what did u expect to transfer and get promoted once a year, I think im prob the longest serving cpl in the trade ( technician time served) well maybe bar a few

    Get over it. Graft for the next year. Pick up on the next board.

    End of rant

    hugs and kisses xxx
  14. 2 years isn't that long surely.
  15. Seriously? Redress if there is something to redress, use the Cof C - if you're not happy about the RCMO there are other routes (Padre if nec!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and work harder and do the things that get you noticed for the right reasons - it worked for the LCpls at my Tp.

    Personally? I think you should take a long hard look at yourself, decide if you can offer anything at all to the trade and be thankful that you are one of those improving the opinion of the trade's promotion criteria from the rest of the RLC & Army