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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Murphy_Slaw, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. You couldn't make this shit up!!!!

    The headlines no doubt will be all about soldiers "keeping time" etc. When in reality it's a load of suits ballsing it up again at the expense of front line services!

    BBC News - MoD spent £40,000 on calling speaking clock

    Good job they haven't investigated the other giant phone bill on 0898 thrap on!
  2. Fucking hell, a whole £18,000 a year?

    We could have kept an entire infantry Tom in a job with that kind of wasted money!
  3. It may be a drop in the ocean, but there are always a lot of drops at any one time.
  4. Fucking hell, how bored would you have to be to ring the speaking clock?
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  5. Just log on to any dii terminal... (or a myriad of other systems). Failing that phone the nearest Gunner.

    No requirement what so ever to call the speaking clock.
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  6. Actually, many moons ago when I worked in a shore based Crypto room, part of the routine was to call the speaking clock to get a precise time to facilitate synching all the equipments. (BID 580s as I recall)

    So there!

  7. Pah! We used to have our own atomic clock.
  8. Seems a lot of dosh just to settle an argument about who's 5 minutes before is the right one.

    Tapped in morse code on the radiator.
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  9. Stupidest method I've ever heard.
  10. I usually just stand outside and make a fucking racket.
    Inevitably some cunt will come out and scream "Stop making that fucking racket at **** in the morning/afternoon/night".
    Doesn't cost a penny :)
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  11. "The headlines no doubt will be all about soldiers "keeping time" etc. When in reality it's a load of suits ballsing it up again at the expense of front line services!"

    Okay, so you have lots of evidence of civil servants ringing the speaking clock to ensure that they are out the door at the first pip of 5pm? Or perhaps its a combination of things like aircrew synching watches (as is emerging on PPRUNE) and technical problems causing it to happen with new IT (which MOD hints at in the news story).

    I'm not defending something which seems on the face of it to be a bit odd, but I do think that the way this is being spun in some quarters (idle civvies ringing up while boys in front line starve etc) is the usual blame someone else culture we've come to expect from HM Forces - namely another big boy did it and ran away.
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  12. many moons ago (24 years to be precise beep beep beep). The company I had given blood to sold out to a large service company. My last action was to ring the speaking clock from a basement office that I locked, kept the key and move a chemical stillage in front of.
    Wonder if it's still "off the hook" as am I!
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  13. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Like others, I find it difficult to imagine why anyone would call the speaking clock. Especially as it doesn't say shit like "1800hrs" but instead starts talking about strokes and other stuff I don't understand. A bit like cricket scores "oh England are 116 for 3..." Great, so is that two-nil in real terms or what?


    The only time I recall it being used was when David Brent was pretending to fire his best bud in The Office and wanted to big himself up, until his boss put it on speakerphone and he was rumbled. So maybe that's it? A load of gobby squaddies pretending to phone some bloke they're really scared of, in front of their mate's giving the speaking clock both barrels so they look mental in front of their peers?

    Fuck it - I'm gonna try this out next week! That'll be the last time someone dares turn my rank slide upside down when my uniform's hanging up and changing the M and N around on my keyboard.
  14. Could aircrew not sync watches with the tower? Or in the briefing room?

    Most phones have apps on now that confirm the time nd thre is always teletext/ceefax and the like. n fact BBC News 24 has a clock on it, as does the radio.
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