At The Risk of Offending...

the rapt masses here by baiting Dogface once again..
I apologize..
but. I just can't resist this one little item..

Dogface? This is you, right?

From the Spokane Washington Spokesman-Review:

A homeowner in Spokane, who said he wanted to keep his neighbourhood safe has pleaded guilty to intimidating four children with a pistol because two of them twisted a neighbour's newspaper delivery box. Some of the children, ages 12 to 15 at the time, were so scared they wet themselves when 39 year old Danny Joe Roske forced them onto their stomachs with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. " I wanted a safe neighbourhood ", he said. One of the youngsters was the daugheter of police Lt. Judi Carl, who rushed to the scene. Lt. Carl subsequently received a one-day suspension for the foul language she used in addressing Mr. Roske over the incident.

Good Drills there Danny Joe Dogface.. made the world a better place for the safe delivery of timely news and sports.
The cop got suspended!? What the hell! Was the wacko with the pistol punished?
So, not you then, Dogface?

BTW.. He thought he was lawabiding..stopping teen vandals and all..

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