At the risk of going OTT: ARRSE Tie, broad stripe 4.

I prefer

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  • Still no good. I want a broad stripe but none of these

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The very last tie thread! Promise.

Only potential broad stripe tie buyers please

1. /images/tie_broad.gif

2. /images/tie_broad2.gif

3. /images/scan0018.gif

4. /images/scan0019.gif
At the risk of going OTT: ARRSE Tie, broad stripe 4.
No, I'm sorry, this is just a step to far, 'Tie board part 4' spamming is spamming, who do you think you are? The bloody management? Report to Roxy's desk for punishment of a very 'cleavage' nature......

Beebs :roll:
Just want to get it finished and ordered! And don't want to be stuck with 400 unwanted ties :)
Who let you lot of pharmaceutically dependant shopmobility drivers invent clothes? Ties are for jessies. How about a brown crushed velvet suit with a green ruff-fronted shirt open to the navel and a pink tightly-tied neckerchief. If something's worth doing badly you may as well tear the arrse out of it.
Hmmm, I need more time on this one I seem to be stuck between 2 & 3.
I'll ask Mrs Tombs!


Kit Reviewer
4 looks ok, but I still think balancing the colours slightly (pink less bright, green/brown lighter) would make it more wearable.
I'm a bit concerned that there's a lot of "that's hideous" here, but if I order them no f***er will buy them! Especially number 4.
That's better GCO!!

er.....did anyone still want the ARRSE Blue to feature as one of the colours to keep true to the "town style" thin striped one, or am I talking complete Arrse?

I personally like option 3 best, but would buy option 4 if thats the democratic thing to do!


Book Reviewer
Agreed GCO,

No. 1 affords some discretion but is tasteless enough to want it!

Alternatively, I belive someone (maybe LAIRDX) suggested that paying some dosh up front as a deposit may give you some security since it is your name on the cheque, so to speak.

Me, No.1 as stated and am willing to pay a deposit.
Perhaps you should get PMs from all those who wish to place a firm order. Easier to chase people up and they are more likely to comit rather than just ticking a box on a poll.

No 4 pleeeeaaaasssse!!
There's definitely something seventies ... something of the Reggie Perrin about this tie.

I can see the mystified SOCO reporting now:
"We haven't found the body yet, just this pile of clothes on the beach...and this...this...gopping thing. When we passed it over to the psychological profile boys they just sniggered and said something like "arrrrse", most perplexing..."

Can it have a brown lining with little stumpy dogs on please? :D
I voted 4.

It's dreadfully simple, yet simply dreadful.

What day of the year will "arrse" day be? - when all wear their ties, albeit for part of the day.

The day Aarse was founded (is there a history of Arrse somewhere in the Arrsepedia?), the day barbs requested the tie - the day of manufacture ?.
As previously mentioned No 4 is very bad and as a result may only get one outing before losing its shock value. No.1 however has a reservedness (is that a word) which would allow the casual onlooker to think.. "Hmmm thats different" rather than "holy c**p that nutter must be wearing it for a joke!" If number 4 i can see far to many not in the know asking why the hell i'm wearing such a bad tie where as you could get away with wearing No.1 without drawing too much attention.
Number 4 is a thing of beauty - in a hideous, luridly vile sort of way. Absolutely outstanding! I want one now.

Had Lord T been sporting 'ARRSE no 4' on BBC Breakfast this morning, I do not doubt that Natasha Kaplinski would have been even more doe-eyed in her admiration....
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