At the risk of being provocative............

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jake01, Oct 18, 2003.

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  1. The UK Fire Service is in danger of being dismantled to support a political imperative ... if you were involved in Fresco it would not be unreasonable to ask how were you tasked? support? and how do you hand back to the civil authorities
  2. I don't think you are being provocative, and I'd have to broadly agree with the assertion that the fire service is being dismantled to satisfy Bliars political aims. If truth be known, the firees claim for 40% rises in wages was only really a piss take, because MP's had just given themselves that amount, but it backfired on them as New Labour (spit) used the pis take to demonise the firees. This was basically a fck up by their leaders who should have been butt fcked for it.

    The real issue was the sacking of 5000 firees and lack of fire cover at night, regardless of need. We wouldn't say we should guard army camps only in daytime because we only have security issues rarely at night.

    So in essence the firees were right and the government (spit) wrong, the greedy fckers, but the leaders of the firees fcked up, so the beef should now be with them and fcking gripe taken up with that cnut crow and not fcking with these boards.
  3. My brother is a reasonably senior Fireman - car, pips, that kind of thing.

    He tells me that when Andy Gill and Co originally talked about stoppages, it was clearly intimated to be the odd hour here, hour there and a bit of a party.

    When it came to "Right, brothers, out for a week" the blokes where astonished. Gill, it seems, is pretty much universally loathed throughout Trumpton but as President for Life they are stuck with him.

    PS - as a Union Official Gill did not go on strike - so got paid throughout! SOLIDARITY BROTHERS!!!
  4. If that's the case...... just a couple of questions.

    Why were a load of firemen on here trying to justify their cr@p claim, the strikes and the Gillwhore and really demonising themselves by trying to tell squaddies that they spend too much time from home and work too long hours?

    Shouldn't it serve the bu&&ers right for letting Gillwhore get to a life-time position at the top of what is supposed to be a democratic trade union? I wonder if a life-time president (who makes decisions directly effecting the welfare and livelihood of thousands of working men and women) can be sacked for incompetence and if so why haven't the thick firemen done it yet? Wouldn't it be simple for them all to stop paying their subs.... quit the union, and if they so wished, start a new one that is run on more democratic grounds (like if they do have to strike, the president and his cronies strikes too?)

    If that's democracy in the labour market I'd rather fight my own battles than feed w@nkers like them!
  5. Not neccesarily defending them, just I do know my brother and he's a pretty level headed bloke. Some duffers will always spout the Union line without questioning it, and as I understand it, no, they cannot vote him out. ( even though many wish they could. )
  6. Bravo_Brave wrote:
    Just a point of order here Mr Chairman...... I didn't ask if they could 'vote' him out..... I asked if they could 'sack him for incompetence' which is different and an option also available for the right honourable member for 'North Texas' if his party would get off their lazy arrses and do the decent thing.