At the name of Jesus,

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PassingBells, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. I can quite see that Padre's etc need to keep a low profile in certain countries to avoid upsetting the locals, but is this not a case of PC gone mad?

    I can see the Church service (sorry, non-denominational religious gathering) on Sunday:
    "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here together to celebrate the birth of "Him-who-must-not-be-named". They're filming it for the the next edition of Harry Potter.

    Or maybe it will just be Xmas from now on.

    Failing that it was a command from on high - not that high, GW - who heard that:
    and remembered that the US was supposed to be a republic.

    Wait out on PC-UK's response.
  2. I suspect this has far more to do with it. I´m a Catholic and if my experience of "evangelistic" people preaching at me is anything to go by his sermon was probably something along the lines of "you´re all going to burn in hell unless you stop following the devil incarnate known as the Pope and accept Jesus as your personal saviour like I have". I can see that going down rather badly at the funeral of a Catholic sailor...
  3. Let's not use the expression Christmas, Winter Festival will do very nicely for God's sake...ooh bugger! I mean for intelligent designer's sake...erm..not to indicate that evolution is in any way wrong...oh sod it - I'm a university educated, Christian, Tory, heterosexual ex-soldier who lives in the countryside, owns guns, runs a small business, is a home-owner, is married - to a woman - with two children and I own a dog (who is NOT a "companion animal"). If you have a problem with any of the above, then I suggest you seek counselling but do not bring your whiny shoite into my in-tray. You can ram political correctness. What was wrong with "good manners"? They seemed to cope with most eventualities when I was a youngster.
  4. I would agree. I think that this particular Padre has been reprimanded for his style of sermon rather than the use of the name Jesus. Evangelist ministers, particularly those of the septic variety, are quite full on, with lots of happy clapping, hallelujahs and people falling on the floor. It doesn't sit too well with Catholicism or the higher Protestant church.
  5. Not knowing what the content of his sermon was, that's what I sort of suspect as well. I'd love to find out what he actually said...must poke around.

    I've been to a couple of funerals where, in confusion and grief, the bereaved's family did not discuss material beforehand with the available clergy, and the attendees ended up hearing a revival-style sermon about how the deceased was probably roasting in Hell at that very moment for not mending his godless ways (usually involving Holiness Baptist religion). Define "awkward." At one such cockup, a member of a rival Christian faction actually clocked the Reverend's brother in the jaw at the funeral party...We Spams take this kind of thing seriously.

    Discussion beforehand is not some fluffy PC thing but an old recommended standard of etiquette that protects the bereaved at a time when they are at their most emotionally fragile. I doubt there is such flexibility for discussing and veto-ing sermons, or clergy, in the American Navy, so it seems like anyone who's going to be handling such duties would be mindful of the responsibilities.

    I consider myself a Christian as well...but if some cut-rate Pat Robertson decides to use my funeral as a pulpit for converting my heathen loved ones to "come ta Jeezis" or burn in the flames of perdition, I'll come back to life and kick his a$$.
  6. If he does get kicked out of the USN, there's a job for Lt Klingenschmitt (good Protestant name!) in Belfast town centre of a Saturday.