At the end of a relationship.......

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by susanmg66, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Question...probably asked before, but remember I'm new so try to be gentle...When a "relationship" or some sort of hanging-out-together ends, why do men avoid just coming out and leveling with the woman about the reason, instead of withdrawing and avoiding her? Personally, I'd rather have someone tell me they've met or want to meet someone else, moved on in their life and want different things, need some space because they feel trapped, or whatever the reason. Most women have pretty good psyches and self-confidence...therefore can take the truth (tactfully phrased) without turning into a screaming banshee. Personally, I find it's far more difficult for something to end and wonder what happened.

    A similar behavior is a guy saying "I'll call you" and never should only be said if meant.

    I'd like the British view on this...perhaps you're more communicative than Canadian men???? :?
  2. I find its best to keep your options open so if you don't bag off one night you can always get in touch and your sorted!!
  3. Very true i'm sure in some cases and i cant answer the question as to why people do this, but you might be surprised to find out that women do this as well.

    I guess the simple answer is to be honest and not mess folk about?? Life is a puzzle sometimes, whether your Canadian or a Brit!! :roll:

  4. Translation please. Does this mean to keep your options open so that if you don't get lucky one night you can always go back to the one you've been ignoring and have sex?
  5. pragmatism is never wrong, sweetie
  6. I think another term is covering all your bases
  7. That's basic etiquette for any good man.
  8. Susan

    You got it in one!

  9. LOL!!! Cads the lot of you.

    Well at least we have the decency to say "Im just not ready for this, it's just too soon, I know I split with my ex 10 years ago but lol.........................................can we still be friends" lol. Not original I know lol.
  10. Text messages are the way forward.

    Dear fatty, hv found a yungr bird, thanx 4 the shag and the beer tokens, p.s. can we still be friends?
  11. I've never been good at ending relationships.
  12. maybe us gals should take a leaf outta the guys books, :) they seem to have everything sorted, :!: make it all sound so easy with the use of a mobile phone,keeping options open...very widely open at that :roll: ,and hey abit of the old 'i know iv'e been a tottal cnut but hey we can still be good friends,carnt we?...guess this referes back to the keeping ALL options open 8O
  13. Us women couldnt be so cruel lol And (dare I say it) we are a lot braver than men when it comes to that kind of sh*t?

    If women were as mean as men perhaps we would send one like this lol.

    Hi teeny, I have discussed with my friends and your friends your lovemaking performance and on a scale of 1 to 10 you were a minus so I felt I owed it to myself to dump youre crap sha**ing, sorry little a*se, but I would still like to be friends. Oh and btw get yourself to the clinic LOL.