at the doctors

well when you have to go to the docs and your sitting in the waiting room pissed off because you have been sitting on yer bum for over an hour well one does get up and have a gander at the mags on the table,well yep i did and got hold of a womans review on all sorts of crap but well found an artikal on how a womans fanny should smell off that was a question,well ok us lads do somethings and er but how the hell did this doc who answerd find out that a normal fanny smelt of musk ?? did they get 100 woman to take the kit off and a doc to go down on his knees and have a good wiff.well me thinks thats a job i would like.
also lubricant gell- one hundred were tested for all different stuff and the same again did they get 100 shirt lifters to drop they trousers and bend over.

the mind ferken boggles

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